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Schedule Your Doctor, Imaging, Lab, and Other Medical Appointments

You can schedule many of your appointments online, whether you’re new to Duke or an established Duke patient. If you have a current My Duke Health (previously Duke MyChart) account, you can schedule more appointments than ever before. Online scheduling options are also available if you’re new to Duke and/or do not have a My Duke Health account.

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More scheduling options are available if you have a My Duke Health account. Activate your account by calling 919-620-4555, asking your doctor at your next appointment, or requesting an activation code using the Sign-Up Online link.

Scheduling Options for New Patients - My Duke Health Not Required

If you’re new to Duke and/or do not have a My Duke Health account, you can use the following scheduling options.

Primary and Specialty Care Visits
You can schedule a new visit with a doctor using the schedule online button, available on many providers’ profiles. Answer a few simple questions, then choose a time that works for you. If the provider you initially selected is unavailable, another provider will be recommended. Find your Duke provider.

Flu Vaccination Appointment Only
Schedule your flu vaccination only. Appointments are available near you.

Schedule by Condition
Review the list of primary care and specialty areas for which appointments can be scheduled online for children and adults. Select the one that meets your needs.  

Urgent Care In-Person Visits Using On My Way
We encourage you to use On My Way to find the shortest, estimated wait times at Duke Urgent Care clinics across the Triangle. We don’t offer urgent care reservations by phone but you can use the online tool to reserve your spot. This can shorten your wait time and expedite the check-in process. Select the location that meets your needs and let us know when you will arrive. Read answers to frequently asked questions about On My Way. Walk-ins are always welcome.

Scheduling Options for Current/Returning Patients - My Duke Health Required

If you are a current Duke patient and have a My Duke Health account, you can use it to schedule the following appointments. Log into your My Duke Health account, select Visits, then Schedule an Appointment. View your scheduling options in My Duke Health.

Primary Care and Urgent Care Virtual Visits
Virtual visits can be scheduled with a primary care provider or urgent care provider. The visit takes place on a computer or mobile device with a camera using secure videoconferencing software that protects your privacy. Virtual visits may be scheduled when you want medical attention for a minor medical issue. You must be 6 months or older and have a My Duke Health account to schedule an appointment.

First-Time Provider Visits for Current Duke Patients
You can use My Duke Health to schedule a first-time visit with a new provider if you are a current Duke patient with a My Duke Health account. 

Specialty Care Virtual Visits
Some specialists offer initial virtual visits that you can schedule through My Duke Health if you are a current Duke patient. Some specialists only offer virtual visits for follow-up that can be scheduled in My Duke Health. 

Schedule Your Flu Vaccination
Use your My Duke Health account to make an appointment for your flu vaccination. Log in and find a time that works for you.

E-visits with a provider take place on a computer or mobile device at a convenient time for you. There is no need for a camera or videoconferencing software. Learn about the type of conditions treated via e-visits.

Lab Visits
Duke laboratories offer lab testing, including blood draws, urine, and stool collection at Duke locations across the Triangle by appointment only for current Duke patients. You can schedule your testing appointment through your My Duke Health account or through your ordering provider's office.

Quit Smoking
You can schedule an appointment with Quit at Duke through My Duke Health. Simply log into your My Duke Health account and choose Tobacco Cessation.

Imaging Tests
The next time your provider orders an imaging test, you may be able to schedule your appointment through My Duke Health. You’ll receive an email letting you know you can schedule your test after your doctor places the order. A notification will also appear on the homepage of your My Duke Health account. 

Screening Mammograms
If you have a Duke primary care doctor or Duke obstetrician-gynecologist, you can schedule your screening mammogram appointment online at one of our many locations through your My Duke Health account. Screening mammograms are for people who are not experiencing symptoms. We offer same-day appointments and have extended hours at several locations for screening mammograms. Results will be available in your My Duke Health account.

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This page was medically reviewed on 10/05/2023