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Tips for Navigating Open Enrollment
When open enrollment season starts, you’ll be making important decisions about your and your family’s health care coverage for 2019. Navigating the details can be tricky. Here are some factors to consider and questions to ask during the open enrollment process.
Lemuel Stewart sits on a bench outside of Duke University Hospital
Second Opinion at Duke Offers Hope for Liver Transplant
Lemuel Stewart was on track to being approved for a liver transplant when he got the bad news: His age and previous heart surgery disqualified him for a transplant at a local medical center. That changed a few weeks later, when he sought help at Duke Health. “In three days, Duke did the testing that took six months at the other center,” said Stewart, who is 71 and lives near Richmond, VA. “The next week, Duke called and said, ‘We’re going to put you on the list.’”
Emily Drews stands outside
One-Hour Procedure Relieves Years of Sinus Problems
Frequent, severe sinus infections made Emily Drews miserable for years, especially when pollen triggered her allergies. Then she had a sinuplasty procedure at Duke, and the results were dramatic. Drews now breathes easily, no matter the season.
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