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2022 Flu vaccination

Flu Season During the COVID Pandemic: Why You Need a Flu Vaccine

With the flu season underway, it’s important to get a flu vaccination for protection while COVID-19 continues to spread. Your body typically takes up to two weeks to develop an immune response from a vaccine, so getting vaccinated is the safest way to prevent the flu.

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Marcie O’Neill and her husband smile as they look at their young daughter

Duke Experts Perform Successful Brain Surgery for Moyamoya

As a college student in Greenville, SC, Marcie O’Neill began experiencing headaches, vision changes, numbness, and speech problems. After a trip to her local hospital, O’Neill learned that a narrowed artery in her brain had caused a stroke. A few months later, scans showed the narrowing in her artery had worsened, putting her at risk for another, potentially catastrophic stroke. That’s when she transferred to Duke, where a team of neurosurgeons performed a risky surgery to bypass her constricted blood vessels. Today, more than seven years later, O’Neill is married with a baby girl and is thriving.

woman in blue jacket smiles at camera

Personalized Rehab Helps People Overcome Post-Intensive Care Syndrome

After a lengthy hospitalization at Duke University Hospital, Carolyn Moser, 66, hoped she was on the road to recovery. But three months of lying in bed left her weak, confused, and unable to care for herself. Moser had post-intensive care syndrome, a constellation of problems that can occur after a lengthy hospitalization. The personalized rehabilitative care she received from physical therapists and occupational therapists at the Duke Critical Care Recovery Center helped her regain her strength and her independence. 

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