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Duke's gastroenterology and digestive health team specializes in expert diagnosis and patient-centered solutions for diseases of the digestive system. Our focus on digestive disorders ensures you receive prompt and comprehensive care in a comfortable environment.

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Why Choose Duke

Nationally Recognized Hepatologists
Our liver experts are renowned for their hepatitis research and expertise. We have been involved in the development of major advancements in hepatitis drugs and diagnostic technology.

Access to the Latest Treatments
A variety of new therapies and therapy combinations are available through our clinical trials. We offer you the opportunity to participate in treatment studies that may test new therapies and help us better understand digestive diseases.

Innovative Surgery
We are experts in the use of minimally invasive approaches to surgery that hasten healing, reduce discomfort, and lower infection risk. Many surgeries are performed using tools that require smaller incisions and afford the surgeon better imaging to increase surgical precision.

Enhanced Recovery Reduces Hospital Stays and Readmissions
Our doctors are national leaders in enhanced recovery, a program that minimizes pre-operative fasting, encourages immediate post-operative physical rehabilitation, and incorporates specialized pain management to reduce the stress of colon surgery. Duke research shows that this enhanced recovery approach decreases post-operative complication rates and reduces the length of hospital stays.

Expert Diagnosis
Digestive diseases can be hard to diagnose because their symptoms may not be clear. We have earned a reputation for making prompt, accurate diagnoses and acting quickly to restore your health. With experts in every aspect of the digestive system -- from esophagus disorders such as acid reflux to anal and colon diseases -- we are prepared to help you with any condition.

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Collaborative Care
You benefit from a group of experienced surgeons, blood specialists, and imaging experts who work together to review your diagnosis and make the most effective treatment recommendations. Making decisions about abdominal procedures and other complex procedures often requires the expertise of many specialists. Vascular, gynecological, and plastic surgeons work collaboratively to ensure you have the best outcome.

Leaders in Endoscopic Ultrasound
As leaders in this sophisticated high-definition imaging technology, we can diagnose pancreatic cancer earlier, in the most treatable stages, and obtain accurate staging information.

Compassionate, Patient-Focused Care
We focus on convenience to maximize your comfort. Many tests and procedures are completed on an outpatient basis in a single day.

Patient Education
Lifestyle choices often have significant consequences within the digestive system. Our complete care approach includes providing advice on how to improve diet and weight-loss efforts.

Among the Best Hospitals for GI in the U.S.
Where you receive your care matters. Duke University Hospital is ranked among the best in the nation for gastroenterology and GI surgery by U.S. News & World Report for 2019–2020.