Pediatric Transplants

The Duke Children’s Pediatric Transplant Program provides comprehensive, integrated and individualized care for your child and family. Your child will benefit from our high-volume program and its more than 30 years of experience performing a wide range of transplants.

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Your Child's Team

We are your partners on the transplant journey, from your child’s first evaluation through their recovery and their transition to healthy adult life. Our transplant care is personalized to the needs of your child and delivered by a coordinated team of caregivers from a wide range of specialties.

  • A transplant surgeon who specializes in the operation your child needs will meet with you to explain the procedure and to answer your questions.
  • Transplant specialty doctors will evaluate your child to optimize the timing of the transplant. They’ll also monitor your child’s condition before and after transplant and manage any medical issues that may occur.
  • Our pediatric transplant infectious disease doctors educate you and your child about potential complications and recommend precautions to take. They monitor your child closely after transplant and treat any infection that develops.
  • Our transplant nurses have extensive experience in caring for children who have received transplants and can answer any of your questions.
  • Your transplant coordinator is a single point of contact to help you navigate your child’s care throughout the process. This includes scheduling tests, working with the donor services team to monitor listing status, and helping your family with follow-up visits.
  • Our specially trained transplant pharmacists will make sure you understand the types of medications your child will need to take and any potential side effects. They’ll monitor your child and tailor medications to fit his or her needs.
  • To help your child and family manage the emotional, psychological, and even financial impacts of the transplant process, our team includes dedicated transplant social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, child life specialists, and financial coordinators.

Why Choose Duke

Recognized for Excellence
Duke Children’s is one of only seven hospitals in the U.S. verified as a level I children's surgery center by the American College of Surgeons. This Level I designation recognizes our commitment to providing the safest and highest-quality surgical care to our young patients.

We Take Complicated Cases
We have a long history of successfully transplanting some of the most complicated patients, including those unable to be transplanted at other centers, or avoiding a transplant through specialized rehabilitative care where other centers were not successful.

Leaders in Research
As one of the nation’s leading research centers in both pediatrics and transplant medicine, we can offer your child access to the most current research findings and ongoing clinical studies.

Advanced Surgical Techniques and Anti-Rejection Medicine
When appropriate, we offer incompatible-blood-type transplants, paired-donor exchanges, and anti-rejection medications that eliminate long-term side effects associated with steroid use.

Prompt Evaluations
We prepare your child to be transplanted as quickly as possible by minimizing their time from referral to evaluation.

Multi-Organ Transplant Specialists
We are the only program in North Carolina with significant experience performing multi-organ transplants, including pediatric liver-kidney and heart-kidney transplants.

Adolescent Transplant Transition Program 
We help adolescent transplant recipients learn to manage their own medical care, including learning about immunosuppression, nutrition, employment, insurance, and coping with the effects of transplant on everyday life. This program also identifies adolescents who are unable to live independently and guides appropriate long-term supervision.

Reviewed: 03/21/2018
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