On My Way FAQ


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On My Way is an online tool that allows you to check estimated wait times at Duke Urgent Care clinics across the Triangle, select the location that meets your needs, and let us know when you will arrive.

Since we don’t offer urgent care reservations by phone, On My Way can minimize your wait time in clinics by letting us know you're on your way. Walk-ins are always welcome.

Learn more about how it can work for you by reading the answers to these frequently asked questions.

On My Way Tool Basics

Using the On My Way Tool

Once You Arrive

    What are the benefits of using On My Way?

    The online tool lets you choose a location close to you or by estimated wait times. You can minimize your wait time and spend more time in the comfort of your home. Because it is integrated with Duke MyChart, On My Way aims to make the check-in and treatment process more efficient so you can concentrate on feeling better.

    How does On My Way work?

    Click on the urgent care you want to visit and choose a time increment to help minimize your wait time.

    What if I don't want to use the On My Way tool?

    Unfortunately, we don’t offer urgent care reservations by phone. If you prefer not to use On My Way to minimize your wait time in clinics, you can always walk into a Duke urgent care clinic without a reservation.

    Do I have to be a Duke patient to use On My Way?

    No. Anyone can use the On My Way tool to let us know they’re on the way to a Duke Urgent Care clinic.

    Do I need to have Duke MyChart to use On My Way?

    No. While we encourage you to sign up for Duke MyChart, you can use the online tool to let us know you're on your way to a Duke Urgent Care clinic without a Duke MyChart account.

    What information do I have to provide?

    You’ll provide your first and last names, how soon you’ll be arriving, the reason for your visit, and a way for us to contact you by phone or email.

    Is it secure?

    Yes. Our secure platform is dedicated and designed to protect patient privacy.

    Is this a scheduled appointment at a Duke Urgent Care clinic?

    No. The tool allows let us know you are on your way and helps minimize your wait time in the clinic. It is not a scheduled appointment.

    What if I want to cancel my arrival time?

    You can use the online tool to let us know your plans have changed.

    Can I let you know that more than one person is on the way?

    You can only let us know one at a time that a person is on their way. You can return to the initial screen to view wait times and begin a separate session for another person.

    Can I let you know that I’m on my way for a time tomorrow?

    No. The tool will only allow you to let us know you’re on your way sometime today.

    Do I have to use On My Way to be seen at Duke Urgent Care clinic?

    No. Walk-ins are welcome at all our urgent care locations. The tool allows you to have a better sense of the wait time to expect when you arrive.

    Do I still have to check in?

    Yes. You will check in once you arrive, but since you will already be in our system, On My Way shortens the check-in process.

    Can I use eCheck-in?

    You can use eCheck-in if you are an existing Duke patient with a Duke MyChart account. Learn how to use eCheck-in.

    If I use On My Way, will I still have to wait once I arrive?

    Our staff are required to treat the sickest people first. This may mean that people who arrive after you will be seen sooner.  We hope you understand the need to provide immediate care to people based on the severity of their illness. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    What if I’m late to my arrival time?

    If you are more than 15 minutes late for your slotted time, your saved time will no longer be available. We will do our best to accommodate you with a new estimated wait time.