Quality and safety

Duke Health is committed to delivering high-quality care and providing you with reliable, easy-to-understand information about how we compare to our peers.

This information comes from independent, third party sources and will let you know how well our hospitals follow care guidelines that are proven to lead to better patient outcomes and how satisfied patients are with their Duke health care experience.

In this section, you can find out our quality scores, the improvement initiatives we have in place and the awards we have received. We hope this information will assist you in making informed decisions when you are choosing a hospital.

Partners in safety: keeping you safe

Watch a video about how we keep our patients safe at Duke University Hospital, Duke Regional Hospital, and Duke Raleigh Hospital.

Since the production of this video, William Fulkerson, MD, has been promoted to executive vice president of Duke University Health System.

Partners in Safety: Keeping You Safe

Responding to patient concerns

We want each patient’s experience to be a positive one, but we recognize this may not always be the case. We encourage you to contact us with any concerns.