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New Apple Feature Gives You Mobile Access to Your Health Records

By Debbe Geiger
Updated March 29, 2018
Hands holding a phone with the Health Records app

A new feature on the Apple Health app for iPhones lets you securely download parts of your medical records right to your mobile device. Duke Health is among the first health systems in the U.S. to offer this new Health Records feature. If you have a My Duke Health (previously Duke MyChart) account and iOS 11.3 on your iPhone, you can start using it now.

Encrypted, Secure Information

The Health Records app acts just like a banking or credit card app. The information is encrypted and securely stored on your mobile device. Apple can’t see your data unless you choose to share it with the company.

At the start, the new Health Records tab of the Apple Health app will populate sections titled Allergies, Conditions, Immunizations, Lab Results, Medications, Procedures, and Vitals from information in your My Duke Health account. More information will be added in the future.

The Goal: A Complete Picture of Your Health

“Ultimately, the goal is to allow patients to have better access to their health record,” explained Katie McMillan, associate director of the Duke Mobile App Gateway, which supports Duke’s digital health efforts in mobile technology. One major advantage will be the ability to easily see health records from different health systems in one place.

However, the introduction of medical records to the Apple Health app has even larger implications for tracking health and well-being.

“We envision the empowered patient of the future contributing health data from devices like fitness trackers and connected blood pressure cuffs to their medical record and having the ability to visualize a complete picture of their health on their phones,” said McMillan.

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