My Duke Health App Personalizes Your Care Experience

Duke’s New App Integrates Charting and Health Resources for Mobile Devices

By Bryan Roth
May 05, 2021
The My Duke Health app personalizes your health care experience on any mobile device.

Duke Health’s new app for mobile devices lets you manage your health care and provides educational resources so you can stay proactive with your wellness. Download My Duke Health now on Google Play and the Apple App Store.


More Than Just Managing Appointments

My Duke Health provides a tailored, Duke-specific experience for your online health care interactions. Use the mobile app to view wait times at nearby clinics, access Duke Virtual Urgent Care, sign up for wellness classes, find cancer or weight loss support groups, and more.

The app also provides a health reference library with hundreds of patient education materials including short videos and other resources. In future updates, you’ll be able to chat with a virtual assistant, view personalized resource pages based on your health needs, and connect with Duke Health Listens, an online community through which you can offer direct feedback about your health care experience.

Along with the mobile version, you can also access a desktop version of the app as needed.

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