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Specialties at Duke Regional Hospital

Duke Behavioral Health Center North Durham provides inpatient, outpatient, emergency, and electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and behavioral health services in one convenient location. Our experts address a wide range of psychiatric and emotional challenges.

Whether it’s chest pain, abnormal heart rhythms or advanced coronary artery or valve disease, we have the diagnostic equipment and expertise to diagnose and treat your heart problem and guide your recovery.

Duke Regional dermatologists treat a wide variety of skin issues including acne, birthmarks, calluses, rosacea and sunburn. Our doctors offer some of the most advanced surgical and phototherapy procedures.

Our otolaryngologists provide comprehensive care for ear, nose and throat disorders.

At Duke Regional Hospital, our main endocrine focus is diabetes, a lifelong condition in which the body doesn’t properly control the amount of sugar in the blood. We help you reach your target blood sugar while in and out of the hospital.

Our ophthalmologists’ vision is to ensure the health of your sight for years -- and memories, to come.

We offer full-service endoscopy services and gastrointestinal treatments. Our team is dedicated to providing a professional, positive, and safe experience.

Whether it’s you or your loved one celebrating the golden years, trust Duke Regional Hospital to take care of the newfound health needs that come with aging. Our physicians can help balance the best of cutting-edge medical information with compassionate care. Our staff works closely with clinicians and programs throughout the hospital and health system to comprehensively and sensitively treat older people suffering from a broad range of health and wellness concerns.

All of the infectious disease physicians at Duke Regional Hospital are board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine and are full-time faculty at the Duke University School of Medicine. Doctors who are taking care of patients in the hospital sometimes ask for infectious disease specialists to consult on cases. In addition to consulting on patients admitted to the hospital, the infectious disease physicians also provide advice to the hospital regarding infectious disease policies, microbiology procedures, and antibiotic stewardship.

Duke Regional Hospital offers comprehensive care for all forms of kidney disease. Because loss of kidney function causes no pain, it is often far advanced before it is recognized. At Duke Regional Hospital, we focus on stopping or slowing the progression of kidney illness to help you maintain your health. Nephrology services at Duke Regional Hospital are provided by Durham Nephrology Associates.

Duke Regional Hospital tailors programs for patients living with lung disease. Our highly trained and experienced physicians provide a full spectrum of pulmonary care and treatment, including allergy and critical care services. We provide inpatient pulmonary consult service, including bronchoscopies. Our facilities include a state-of-the-art pulmonary function lab, which provides arterial blood gases and has a bariatric capability.

Duke Regional Hospital neurologists and neurosurgeons are highly trained in the most advanced treatments for neurological disorders. From diagnosis to treatment, our team is dedicated to helping their patients control their condition and enjoy a higher quality of life.

At Duke Regional Hospital, we deliver more than 2,000 babies each year, but when you are here you and your baby are our top priority. Our experienced health care team is ready to pamper mom and baby with the exceptional care and special touches only found at a community hospital that is part of a world-class health system. Duke Regional Hospital also offers treatment for both primary and non-primary care gynecologic concerns. Our team of experts treats women of all ages, addressing issues like benign gynecologic disorders (endometriosis, abnormal menstrual bleeding, and fibroids), robotic surgery (hysterectomy and myomectomy), ovarian cysts, menopausal medicine and incontinence. We offer minimally invasive gynecological surgery services including hysteroscopy, laparoscopy, treatment for endometriosis, and alternatives to hysterectomy.

Do you suffer with pain from arthritis, sports injury, accident, or an inherited defect? Our team of experienced orthopaedic surgeons can help you return to a fuller life.

The Palliative Care team at Duke Regional Hospital is equipped to assist with goals of care clarification with patients and their loved ones, advance care planning, communication, acute pain management, psychosocial support (for patients, caregivers and loved ones), grief counseling and bereavement, spiritual distress or emotional suffering, post-hospital care planning and aggressive symptom management.

We provide plastic surgery services including after weight loss surgery.

The Duke Rehabilitation Institute offers a complete continuum of care, from acute inpatient rehabilitation to individually tailored outpatient program. From tying their shoes to climbing the stairs, we help patients restore their independence. Our state-of-the-art 30-bed facility is located on the seventh floor of Duke Regional Hospital.

Our 18-bed, special care nursery provides care for about 400 infants every year who are born prematurely as well as babies born with common neonatal conditions such as breathing problems or suspected infections. We also care for infants who may be transferred from the Duke Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) or other hospitals.

Whether caused by everyday strains, an inherited condition, or serious injury, our specialists can help you manage your pain and get your life back. Duke Regional Hospital offers comprehensive treatment for a range of back and spine disorders.

We are proud of our reputation for providing quality urological care to our patients. Our urologists offer the latest advances in urologic care in the comfortable environment only available in a community-based setting. Treatment is available for a number of conditions including, urologic cancers, male urologic conditions, female urologic conditions, male infertility and sexual dysfunction, and robot-assisted urologic surgery.

Our weight loss doctors provide a comprehensive evaluation, pre-surgical education and post-surgical support that ensures you achieve your weight loss goals.

Our vascular specialists provide the full range of expert care to adults with problems related to the network of vessels that transport blood and lymph fluid throughout the body.