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At Duke, our dedicated, specialized neurologists treat a range of conditions affecting the brain and nervous system. Our doctors collaborate with you and your family to design treatment plans customized to your specific needs. Whatever your diagnosis, we want you to live the fullest life possible, free from debilitating symptoms, pain, and other side effects caused by neurological disorders.

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Why Choose Duke

Top-Ranked Neurological Care
Our team of specialists and our comprehensive treatment options for neurological disorders have helped us earn a number of important designations. 

Sophisticated Medical Advances
Our team is dedicated to understanding and offering the latest medical advances. These include access to the hypoglossal nerve stimulator for sleep apnea, GE DaTscan for diagnosing Parkinson’s, and a host of advanced diagnostics and treatments for epilepsy -- including responsive neurostimulator (RNS), deep brain stimulator (DBS), vagus nerve stimulator (VNS), and minimally invasive laser brain surgery, a state-of-the-art epilepsy monitoring unit, neuromuscular ultrasound imaging, and more.

Highly Specialized Team Approach
We believe that the best results stem from comprehensive neurological care, involving a team of experts from many areas of medicine. In addition to our doctors -- specially trained neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, and neuropsychologists -- our neurological care team includes a range of providers who help manage your symptoms, treatment, recovery, and rehabilitation. These include social workers, nutritionists, genetic counselors, palliative care experts, ophthalmologists, internal and pain medicine specialists, mental health providers, and physical, occupational, and speech therapists.

Pioneers in Neurology Research
Many of the neurological disorders we treat cannot be cured. That’s why our research efforts are so important. Duke scientists are studying genetics and the root causes of these neurological disorders in order to develop more targeted and effective treatments and, hopefully, find cures.

Comprehensive Support Programs
We know that neurological disorders can affect your quality of life and ability to perform basic daily tasks. We also understand that they can cause emotional -- and sometimes financial -- burdens on family members. We believe it’s important to treat the entire person, not just the disease. That’s why we offer support groups, psychological support services, and in-depth patient education programs. Many of our support services are targeted at helping family members better care for loved ones diagnosed with a brain injury or neurological disorder.

Remote, Written Second Opinion Reports
Get a written second opinion report from a Duke Health specialist in the comfort of your home. A second opinion can confirm a diagnosis, offer a different diagnosis, provide information about the most advanced treatments available, and ensure confidence in your decisions when faced with a serious medical condition. Learn more about our remote second opinion platform and process.

Best Hospital for Neurology, Neurosurgery in NC

Where you receive your care matters. Duke University Hospital is proud of our team and the exceptional care they provide. They are why our neurology and neurosurgery program is nationally ranked, and the highest-ranked program in North Carolina by U.S. News & World Report for 2023–2024.

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