Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Duke’s plastic and reconstructive surgeons use the most advanced techniques to reconstruct and repair every part of the body. As a Level 1 trauma center, we routinely reconstruct, repair and reattach limbs following traumatic injury. If you have been diagnosed with a potentially disfiguring medical condition, we are part of your medical team from your first diagnosis. We use our surgical expertise to correct congenital and acquired deformities. As a nationally ranked medical center, our surgeons partner with some of the most respected specialists in the country. We also perform the full range of cosmetic procedures. Our goal is to improve your function, enhance your appearance and return you to your daily activities.

Nationally Renowned Experts in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

  • Advanced Microsurgical Techniques. Operating on tiny, delicate tissues under a microscope requires advanced specialty training and years of experience. Our surgeons pioneered some of the microsurgical techniques used today to detach, move and successfully reattach tissue from one area of the body to another. We are one of the few centers in the U.S. with surgeons trained in the highly specialized technique of super microsurgery. It uses ultra high magnification to detach and reattach microscopic tissue and blood vessels.
  • Respected Surgeons. Our surgeons share their expertise by teaching the latest plastic and reconstructive surgery techniques to doctors who travel to Duke for our courses from across the country and around the world. Our combined skill and leadership mean you work with some of the most knowledgeable and experienced plastic and reconstructive surgeons in the U.S.
  • Leaders in Hand Transplantation. The head of our hand transplant program helped establish the first hand transplant program in the U.S., where the first hand transplant in the U.S. was performed.  She leads research that guides the application of this investigational procedure.
  • Pediatric plastic surgery experts. Our pediatric plastic surgeons routinely correct cleft palates in children, as well as other congenital and complex deformities. They also provide care for hemangiomas and other skin conditions that require surgery to improve your child’s function, appearance, and quality of life. Learn more about pediatric plastic surgery at Duke. 

Comprehensive Plastic and Reconstructive Services

  • Sophisticated reconstruction options. We use advanced microsurgical skills to perform the full gamut of reconstruction options necessary to repair damage from trauma, surgery, congenital or acquired deformities. We work with surgeons throughout Duke to repair and reconstruct wounds on all body parts, including the head, neck, abdomen, chest, and extremities. Our plastic surgeons are also trained to transplantation to reconstruct wounds when reconstruction is not possible.
  • Specialized approach to lymph node transfer.  Complex, super microsurgical techniques are used to relocate lymph nodes and cure this painful condition, which may result from breast cancer surgery.
  • Facial paralysis surgery for children and adults. Our pediatric plastic surgeons are expertly equipped to treat children with congenital facial paralysis including Mobius syndrome. Our surgeons perform “smile surgery,” which can restore the ability to smile, and also support the muscles needed to improve facial expression. We also work with adults who experience partial or total facial paralysis as a result of facial nerve injury like Bell’s palsy, facial growths, and tumors, as well as tumors near or within the brain, such as acoustic neuroma. 
  • Sub specialists in oral health. Our team of oral/maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists, and dentists coordinate the complex care required to treat many facial reconstructive and cosmetic conditions. We use specialized orthodontics, dental implants and surgical approaches to correct skeletal and dental concerns including painful jaw conditions such as TMJ, and jaw and teeth misalignment. Our comprehensive approach can help improve your chewing, speaking, and breathing.
  • Regional experts in wound care and repair. When serious injury occurs, we are the regional experts in reattaching hands and other extremities. We provide care for trauma patients who are flown here from several states. We use a range of therapies, including skin grafts and flaps to heal wounds that cannot be closed surgically, and to treat burns, skin tears, and ulcers. Our expertise reduces your risk of scarring and infection.
  • Personalized cosmetic recommendations. We work closely with men and women who are considering cosmetic surgery to enhance their face, breasts, and body. Our skilled surgical techniques minimize scarring and your recovery time.  We help you understand your options through informative seminars and personal consultations that start with your first visit and continue through your recovery.
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