Varicose Veins

Spider Veins, Phlebitis, and other Vein Conditions

The Duke Vein Clinic focuses on the causes of varicose veins or leg pain to best treat your medical and aesthetic concerns. We are committed to your complete circulatory health through comprehensive screening and treatment.

Comprehensive Care for Varicose Veins

Whether your condition is cosmetic or complex -- from spider veins to phlebitis to challenging leg pain or skin ulcers -- we have the experience, resources and technology to help. We develop a treatment plan to meet your specific goals. Our vascular experts use specialized imaging to capture pictures of blood flow in your legs to help make recommendations to treat your condition and improve your symptoms.

We recognize that vein conditions are often associated with your quality of life. Many vein clinics treat varicose or spider veins without medical qualifications and experience; the emphasis is on cosmetic appearance, so you may not benefit from a thorough diagnosis. Our vascular experts, however, work with you to review your symptoms and assess your overall circulatory health treatments, while also treating your aesthetic concerns.

Varicose veins and other venous diseases: Why Choose Us

  • Thorough diagnosis. We review your symptoms comprehensively to understand the source of your concern. Cosmetic issues such as varicose veins may be caused by more complex underlying factors. Many vein treatments in outpatient settings require no medical certification, so patients do not get comprehensive screening.  
  • Leaders in vascular research. In addition to ongoing training and research, our vascular experts are writing new treatment guidelines for the National Society of Vascular Surgeons, the organization that sets professional care standards.
  • Pioneers in new technology. Our vein doctors embrace duplex ultrasound innovations as well as the use of MRI or magnetic resonance imaging to create detailed pictures of veins and arteries. We help vein patients by deploying laser and radiofrequency technologies to close long veins rather than use outdated, less effective process of stripping veins from your legs.
  • Treating both cosmetic and complex. Our physicians successfully treat every type of circulatory disease. We recommend the right treatment course for you, based on our high-tech imaging for deep vein analysis as well as our experience in managing outpatient care for varicose or spider veins.


Our vein experts work with you to develop a treatment plan driven by your goals to improve your skin’s appearance and treat your overall circulatory health.


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