Weight Loss Surgeons

Weight Loss Surgeons

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Every day, Duke bariatric surgeons help people through the life-changing process of weight loss surgery. We can help you as well. Our experience performing about 800 bariatric surgeries a year ensures you have the safest, most positive outcome possible. Take a moment to learn more about our surgeons, watch their videos, and visit their profile pages. 

Our Weight Loss Surgeons
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Why Choose a Duke Weight Loss Surgeon

We Become Your Lifelong Partners
As your lifelong partners in this journey, bariatric surgeons are part of a team that supports you before, during, and after your surgery so you can be fully prepared. We want you to meet your goals and live life to its fullest.

We Help You Choose the Weight Loss Surgery That's Right for You
We take many factors into consideration when recommending a procedure to you. We'll explain why we think one procedure will work better for you than another, and we'll help you set realistic weight loss goals.

We Offer New Techniques That Use Smaller Incisions and Minimize Scarring
As leaders in the field of bariatric surgery, we are often among the first in the U.S. to employ new surgical approaches designed to improve outcomes. For example, we’re using magnets, robotic techniques, and even tinier surgical instruments to decrease incision sizes to the point where only one incision may be needed and result in a scar that is almost invisible. Just as important, these new technologies also increase your surgeon's ability to see and maneuver around organs during your surgery.

Free Information Sessions

You can meet our surgeons and other members of our team by attending a free information session at one of our clinics. The sessions take place in Durham, Raleigh, and Burlington.

We Correct Complications from Previous Weight Loss Surgeries
Our surgeons correct complications related to stomach stapling (vertical banded gastroplasty, or VBG) and jejunoileal bypass, both of which are no longer performed. Our surgical experience handling all types of complications associated with weight loss surgeries is well-known. In fact, patients who experience complications are often referred to us from other physician practices.

We Are Nationally Recognized Leaders in Bariatric Surgery
Our weight loss surgeons hold leadership positions in professional organizations. They deliver lectures, help develop treatment guidelines, and teach the latest bariatric surgery techniques to established and future bariatric surgeons as well as to doctors who travel to Duke from across the country and around the world to participate in our courses.

We Offer Promising New Endoscopic Procedures
While these procedures are not covered by insurance and have not been available for as long as the standard weight loss surgeries, they are showing promise. Our weight loss surgeons and our gastroenterologist are trained to perform endoscopic weight loss procedures, such as the gastric balloon, and can evaluate your individual medical condition to determine if you may benefit from one of these less-invasive approaches.

Bariatric Center of Excellence
Duke Regional Hospital is accredited by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery for its high standards of care in weight loss surgery.
Reviewed: 04/22/2019