Why Do I Need a Psychologist for Weight Loss Surgery?

Psychological Support Before and After Weight Loss Surgery

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Achieving and sustaining long-term success after bariatric surgery requires many changes. Our psychologists educate and support as you prepare for bariatric surgery as well as during your recovery. We try to help you understand and address the social, emotional, psychological, and behavioral  factors that can influence your long-term success.  

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What to Expect at Your First Psychological Assessment

During your assessment, we’ll get to know you better by discussing your eating and physical-activity patterns, social relationships and support system, life stressors, and mental health history. We aren’t here to psychoanalyze you. We also realize that for some people this appointment can be stressful -- especially if you have never seen a psychologist before. We are here to discuss your concerns and personalize your treatment recommendations in order to help you manage any emotional or behavioral barriers that might affect your long-term success.

Stop Blaming Yourself
Many people struggle internally with their inability to lose weight. We try to help you understand that controlling weight loss goes far beyond a lack of “willpower” or simply eating less and exercising more. Most often, the inability to lose weight is not about “willpower.” There are powerful physiological factors at play that may be preventing you from achieving your weight loss goals. We help you understand the role your genes play in weight, how your medications or medical conditions may be promoting weight gain, and how your body may be working against your weight loss efforts. 

Our Locations

As integral members of our bariatric team, our health psychologists are conveniently located in our Durham, Raleigh, and Burlington clinics.

After Your Weight Loss Surgery

Monthly Support 
For many, the hard part starts after surgery. We encourage you to attend our free monthly support groups and to bring your loved ones as well. Each month we discuss a fresh set of topics that are designed to maximize your success.

Mental Health Concerns
Mental health challenges can occur following your surgery. Ongoing access to consultation with our psychologists can help you promptly identify concerns such as depression, substance abuse, or unhealthy eating behaviors so that additional treatment can be started right away, with the goal of helping to optimize your success. 

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