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Duke Otolaryngology of Raleigh

Type: Specialty Clinic

Problems such as hearing loss, ringing in the ears, snoring, sinus congestion, and chronic hoarseness can interfere with a person’s quality of life or ability to interact with others.

Individuals seeking treatment for these conditions or for other head, neck, and voice conditions can now access the care they need at Duke Otolaryngology of Raleigh, conveniently located in Duke Medicine Plaza on the campus of Duke Raleigh Hospital.

Duke Otolaryngology of Raleigh evaluates and treats patients of all ages. Our clinic affords a comprehensive service with special expertise in problems of the ear, nose, throat, and voice, and related structures of the head and neck, including those in pediatric patients.

  • Our multidisciplinary head and neck oncology program offers expert care for people with cancers which are common or rare.
  • Our head and neck surgeons are experts in the care of endocrine tumors including thyroid and parathyroid glands.
  • Our otologist/neurotologist is a highly specialized expert in the care of diseases affecting the ear including acoustic neuromas, cholesteatomas, and ear infections, as well as conditions affecting the hearing, balance system, temporal bone, skull base, and related structures of the head and neck.
  • Duke Audiology of Raleigh offers a full range of audiology and vestibular services.
  • Duke Hearing Center of Raleigh offers comprehensive evaluation and treatment services to diverse patient populations with hearing and balance disorders, from newborn to geriatric ages. Our goal is to improve hearing and communication skills by offering educational and innovative approaches. A variety of hearing aids and implantable devices are available to address the unique hearing needs of each patient. Our team of audiologists works closely with our otolaryngology and neurotology physicians to coordinate care and management. Our clinic is focused on excellent customer service addressing the individual needs of each patient. (Both Duke Audiology of Raleigh and Duke Hearing Center of Raleigh are located within our practice)
  • The Duke Voice Care Center, a part of Duke Otolaryngology of Raleigh, offers an integrated approach for the treatment of all types of complex voice disorders including problems with the airway, throat, nose, and sinuses. The voice disorder specialists use voice therapy and other voice disorder treatments to preserve and restore good voice function for all people including singers and other vocal performers, clergy, and teachers.
  • Our pediatric otolaryngologist is subspecialty trained and qualified in treating infants and children in the entire spectrum of pediatric head and neck disorders, including hearing and ear problems, airway and throat disorders, nose and sinus diseases, and the spectrum of congenital, benign, and malignant head and neck tumors that occur in children.
  • We offer allergy testing and treatment services through our Allergy and Sinus Program at Duke Otolaryngology of Raleigh.
  • Our rhinologists and sinus specialists diagnose and treat all conditions affecting the nose, sinuses, skull base, and olfactory system.

Please specify that you would like an appointment at our Raleigh location when contacting our appointment agents at 800-385-3646.