Comprehensive Care for Voice Disorders in Durham and Raleigh

Having a healthy voice is important for everyone, whether you are a professional singer, teacher, or salesperson, or simply like to read aloud to your grandkids. If you suffer from hoarseness or trouble with your voice or throat, the voice specialists at the Duke Voice Care Center can help. Our clinic locations in Durham and Raleigh are staffed by a team of skilled professionals with the advanced training and experience to ensure you receive the best possible care. 


Note: If you have been hoarse for more than two weeks, you should be evaluated by an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor.

Our Services

We treat the full spectrum of voice problems, from laryngitis and voice strain to more complex problems such as atrophy, hemorrhage, or scarring of the vocal cords; vocal tremors; and laryngeal papilloma. We can also help with voice problems related to acid reflux (GERD), allergies, chronic cough, and swallowing disorders. Call for an appointment or visit one of the links above for more information about specific treatments and services.

Why Choose Duke for Voice Care

Your larynx (voice box) is a tiny, complex organ that requires specialized care. If you have problems with your voice box that affect your speaking or singing voice, or your ability to breathe or swallow, the Duke Voice Care Center -- one of the few comprehensive voice care centers in the Southeast -- can help. We diagnose and treat voice problems in adults and children.

  • Your care begins with a comprehensive voice evaluation. We use advanced testing techniques to identify the cause of your voice problems and recommend appropriate treatment.
  • You’ll receive coordinated care from a team that includes laryngologists -- ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctors -- and speech-language pathologists, all of whom have advanced training in evaluating and treating the full range of voice box conditions, including voice disorders and swallowing problems.
  • We also coordinate your care with specialists throughout Duke Health to ensure you receive the best treatment to minimize your symptoms, improve your voice, and optimize your recovery.
  • Whether you are a professional vocalist who needs immediate voice care services or someone who sings for enjoyment, our singing and performing-voice services provide expert care. You’ll work with clinical singing voice specialists -- speech pathologists with additional training in vocal performance and singing voice rehabilitation. They are also experienced performers, singers, and singing teachers who understand the unique needs of singers and other performers.
  • Depending on the diagnosis, medical management and voice therapy can often correct a voice problem. We are one of the few voice centers in the Southeast offering expert voice therapy, providing an alternative to surgery when appropriate.
  • If surgery is needed, our highly skilled ENT surgeons have advanced training in the latest techniques to treat benign lesions, cancer of the larynx, and a range of surgical approaches for vocal cord paralysis.
  • Our laryngologists and speech-language pathologists are nationally recognized experts in their fields. Their ongoing research ensures you receive the best, most up-to-date care for your voice disorder.
  • We host community education events and workshops throughout the year to increase vocal health and awareness.
Reviewed: 02/20/2018
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