Voice Evaluation

Comprehensive Voice Evaluation, Singing Voice Evaluation

Voice specialists at the Duke Voice Care Center conduct a thorough evaluation to find out what’s causing your voice problems and what treatment options may be most effective for you. Appointments are available in Durham and Raleigh.

Comprehensive Voice Evaluation

The Duke Voice Care Center is one of the few voice centers in the Southeast with a comprehensive team of voice experts working together to provide the highest quality voice care. Our team includes laryngologists -- ear, nose, and throat (ENT) physicians who have advanced training in voice disorders -- as well as specially trained speech-language pathologists who are skilled in voice care. To complete a comprehensive evaluation of your voice, you will meet with the laryngologist and the speech pathologist. Our team will assess:

  • How and when your voice problem started 
  • Medical causes for your voice problem, such as illness, allergies, acid reflux, or surgery
  • Your voice use patterns: how much you speak, sing or use a loud voice
  • What your voice sounds like: hoarse, raspy, weak, strained, breathy, shaky, etc.
  • Any changes to your breathing or swallowing

We'll also do a thorough examination of your head and neck and a visual examination of your voice box.

Singing Voice Evaluation

Whether you are a professional or someone who sings for pleasure, our thorough singing voice evaluation will also assess your:

  • Pitch/vocal range
  • Loudness range
  • Vocal stamina
  • Breath support
  • Resonance
  • Register transitions

Our clinical singing voice specialists -- speech pathologists with additional training in vocal performance and singing voice rehabilitation -- will identify any muscle patterns that may be contributing to your voice problem and evaluate your vocal technique relative to your singing style. We also identify strategies to optimize your vocal hygiene and vocal pacing. If needed, we will advocate for your vocal health with directors, producers, tour managers, and other artistic personnel.

Voice Care Tailored to Your Needs

Based on the results of your evaluation and the way you use your voice -- professionally or for everyday communication -- your voice care team will recommend treatment approach personalized to be most effective for you. This may include some combination of medical or surgical care, voice therapy, and singing and performing voice services.

If you are a performer and have an urgent need for a voice evaluation prior to a performance, please call 919-681-4984 to arrange a timely appointment.


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