Singing and Performing Voice Services

for Singers, Actors, and Other Vocal Performers

Duke voice specialists provide the highest level of expert care to all vocal performers, from elite professionals to those who sing simply for enjoyment. Appointments are available in Durham and Raleigh.

Specialized Care for Singers at All Levels

Singers, actors, and other vocal performers are at increased risk for developing a vocal injury or vocal disorder, including vocal nodules and muscle tension dysphonia. Your singing voice can also be affected by problems such as vocal cord paralysis and voice tremor, which can result from age, surgery, and certain medical conditions.

We understand that your voice is an essential part of your identity, your creative expression, and your livelihood. Our advanced training and experience ensure we have the knowledge and expertise to return you to the voice that makes you who you are.​

Why Choose Duke

When you choose Duke for singing and performing voice services, you benefit from one of the few voice centers in the Southeast with a comprehensive team of voice experts.

  • Your team includes laryngologists -- ear, nose, and throat (ENT) physicians who have advanced training in voice disorders.
  • It also includes singing voice specialists -- speech pathologists with additional training in vocal performance and singing voice rehabilitation. Because our singing voice specialists are also professional singers and voice teachers, we bring a performer's perspective to evaluating and improving your singing voice.
  • Our singing voice specialists will determine the role of performing in your vocal injury and provide therapy for the specific needs of your performing voice.
  • We can advocate for you regarding planned performances and help you with vocal pacing and scheduling decisions.
  • If changes to your singing voice are related to a medical condition such as allergies, asthma, or acid reflux, we coordinate your care with specialists throughout Duke Health to ensure you receive the best therapies to minimize your symptoms, improve your voice, and optimize your recovery.
  • If your condition calls for surgery, we'll collaborate with your surgeon on steps to protect your singing voice before, during, and after surgery.
  • We use less-invasive techniques, such as office-based laser surgery, to treat a variety of vocal disorders.
  • Our ongoing research on the performing voice ensures you receive the best care for your vocal disorder.

We know performers may have voice needs outside of normal business hours. If you have an urgent need for a voice evaluation prior to a performance, please call 919-681-4984. We'll work with you to provide expert voice care quickly, compassionately, and with discretion.



A thorough singing voice evaluation assesses your pitch/vocal range, loudness range, vocal stamina, breath support, resonance, and register transitions. Our singing voice specialists will identify any muscle tension that may be contributing to your voice problem and evaluate your vocal technique relative to your singing style. We also identify strategies to optimize your vocal hygiene and vocal pacing. If needed, we will advocate for your vocal health with directors, producers, tour managers, and other artistic personnel.

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