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Duke voice specialists provide the highest level of expert care to all vocal performers, from elite professionals who need immediate voice care services to those who sing simply for enjoyment.

Singers, actors and other vocal performers are vocal athletes who are at increased risk for developing a vocal injury or vocal disorders, including vocal nodules and muscle tension dysphonia. The singing voice can also be affected by voice problems including vocal cord paralysis and voice tremor, which can result from age, surgery and certain medical conditions.

We understand that your voice represents a source of artistic and creative expression, as well as an important aspect of your income and livelihood. For many performers, your voice is also part of your identity, self-image and self-esteem. We also appreciate the demanding world in which you live, and the difficulties performers can have with their voices. Our advanced training and experience with how vocal disorders impact the singing voice ensures we have the knowledge and expertise to treat professional voices and return you to the voice that makes you who you are. We also understand that you may have voice needs outside of normal business hours. We work with local performers to accommodate vocal emergencies. We provide expert voice care quickly, compassionately and with discretion. 

Choose Duke for your performing voice and singing voice services because we offer:

  • Singing voice specialists.  Our team includes singing voice specialists who are speech pathologists, professional singers and voice teachers.  They bring a performer’s perspective as well as extensive training and medical expertise to evaluating and improving your singing and speaking voice.  Whether you sing for enjoyment or sing professionally, our singing voice specialists can help you.
  • Specialized support.  Our singing voice specialists help determine the role of performing in your vocal injury and provide therapy for the specific needs of your performing voice. Our singing voice specialists often advocate for patients regarding a particular performance and help with vocal pacing and scheduling decisions.
  • Comprehensive team.  We are one of the few voice centers in the Southeast with a comprehensive team of voice experts. Your team includes ear, nose, and throat (ENT) physicians who are laryngologists, a specialty that requires advanced training in voice disorders.
  • Coordinated care.  Changes to your singing and speaking voice may result from a variety of medical conditions including allergies, asthma and reflux.  We coordinate your care with the right specialists throughout our health system to ensure you receive the best therapies to minimize your symptoms, improve your voice and optimize your recovery.
  • Less invasive, less costly techniques.  We use less invasive, less costly techniques, such as office-based laser surgery to treat a variety of vocal disorders.
  • Up-to-date research on the performing voice.  Our ongoing research ensures you receive the best care for your vocal disorder.
  • Immediate care.  If you are a performer with an urgent need for a voice evaluation before a performance, please call 919-681-4984 to arrange a timely appointment.



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