Vocal nodules, cysts and polyps

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Experts at Duke's Voice Care Center use sophisticated diagnostic tools and the latest techniques to identify and treat vocal nodules, vocal polyps and vocal cysts. We treat adults and children who use their voice professionally and for every day activities. Our advanced training, skill and experience ensure you receive you the best possible treatment for non cancerous growths on your vocal cords. We improve your voice with vocal hygiene, voice therapy and surgery when necessary. Our goal is to quickly return you to your daily and professional activities.

Comprehensive care for vocal nodules, cysts and polyps

Voice over use, such as talking too loudly or too much, is often to blame for the nodules, cysts and polyps that can develop on your vocal cords. Constant coughing, acid reflux and allergies can also lead to these growths and bumps, which are like calluses on your vocal cords. If your profession demands you speak constantly and with a loud voice - as is the case with teachers, preachers, lawyers, and salespeople - you are greater risk.  Singers are also at risk because of high vocal demands. The resulting vocal growths may cause your voice to become raspy, breathy, hoarse or nasally. Your voice may crack or cut in and out as the bumps prevent your vocal cords from vibrating normally. Left untreated, vocal nodules, cysts and polyps can lead to voice strain as you compensate for your injury.

Our voice care specialists work closely with you to determine the extent of your condition and treat it promptly and effectively. In some cases, surgery is needed to remove the growths.  Our speech pathologists work closely with you to help you learn to relax your tight voice so you speak with less effort. This gives your vocal cords time to heal. Voice therapy can be an effective way to minimize voice strain and help restore your voice to normal.  Voice therapy is very important after surgery to ensure your best voice.

Choose Duke to treat your vocal nodules, vocal cysts and vocal polyps because we offer:

  • Voice disorder specialists. We are one of the few voice centers in the Southeast, with a comprehensive team of voice experts. Your team includes ear, nose, and throat (ENT) physicians who are laryngologists, a specialty that requires advanced training in voice disorders.
  • Microsurgical expertise. Our ear nose and throat surgeons are highly skilled in microsurgery, which requires small incisions and tools used under magnification to remove vocal cysts and polyps to achieve the best voice results.  Microsurgery techniques require a high degree of training and experience to minimize postoperative voice problems.
  • Highly specialized speech pathologists. Your team also includes speech pathologists who undergo specialized training to evaluate and treat patients with voice problems.
  • Trained singing voice specialists. Our singing voice specialists are experienced performers, singers, and singing teachers who understand the challenges of being a vocal professional. They bring empathy, clinical expertise, and an insider perspective to evaluating and improving your vocal health. They also provide specialized therapy to performers and singers. 
  • Occupational voice specialists. If your profession puts at risk for developing vocal nodules, cysts or polyps, we work with you to improve your voice and meet the demands of your job.
  • Coordinated care. In addition to over use, vocal polyps may result from a variety of medical conditions, including allergies and asthma. We coordinate your care with the right specialists throughout our health system to ensure you receive the best therapies to minimize your symptoms, improve your voice, and optimize your recovery.
  • Professional vocal performer services. We provide the highest level of expert care for all vocal performers, from elite professionals who need immediate voice care services to those who sing for enjoyment. 
  • Better treatment decisions. Our ongoing research ensures you receive the best care for your vocal nodules, polyps and cysts.



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