Speech Pathology and Audiology

Speech Pathology and Audiology

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Duke's speech pathologists and audiologists provide comprehensive services to children and adults for a wide range of communication, swallowing, and hearing disorders. We help you overcome challenges following traumatic brain injury, stroke and aphasia, as well as speech problems related to progressive conditions such as ALS, Parkinson's disease, Huntington's disease and dementia.

We work closely with children who have all types of speech and language disorders including stuttering. We also work with children whose communication, swallowing or hearing is impaired by autism, Down syndrome, and cleft palate. Our goal is to create a therapy plan that lets you or your loved one return to work, school, and family activities, and enjoy the best possible quality of life.

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Why Choose Duke

A Team Approach
We are part of your or your child's medical team. We work closely and collaboratively with your or your child's doctors, school, and your work place to ensure you experience the best possible outcome.

Using Technology to Your Benefit
We incorporate iPads, iPhones, computers and other devices you may already use daily into your treatment plan. We help you practice what you learn in therapy, and understand how to apply it to your daily needs.

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The Latest Therapies
We keep abreast of the latest to enhance our practice and your treatment. Our speech pathologists and audiologists attend state, national and worldwide conferences and meetings to stay current on best practices. We meet regularly to discuss difficult cases and determine best treatment approach. 

Breadth of Experience
Our speech pathologists and audiologists have undergone advanced training, and many have advanced certification in specialized areas. They have years of experience working with children and adults who may benefit from therapy related to communication, hearing and swallowing concerns.

Nationally Recognized Experts
Our speech pathologists and audiologists share their expertise by presenting information and research, and teaching professionals within and outside the field of pediatric and adult speech pathology and audiology around the country, and the world. Our combined skill and leadership mean you work with some of the most knowledgeable and experienced speech pathologists and audiologists in the U.S. 

Duke University Hospital is nationally ranked in 10 adult specialties
Consistently Ranked Among the Nation’s Best Hospitals
In addition, Duke University Hospital is proud to be named the best hospital in North Carolina, and nationally ranked in 10 adult and 9 pediatric specialties by U.S. News & World Report for 2019–2020.