Ear Deformities

Wide Spectrum of Care Treats Cosmetic and Functional Concerns

Children with a deformed or missing ear will benefit from the compassionate, expert care provided at Duke Children’s. Our specialists use surgical techniques and nonsurgical innovations to correct major ear deformities resulting from birth defects, trauma, or tumors. Our plastic surgeons also address minor deformities, such as excessively large, protruding, or misshapen ears.

Personalized Care for Your Child’s Ear Deformity

We treat a variety of ear deformities that affect the ear’s structure, appearance, and/or function including:

  • Birth defects in which a child is born with a partial ear (microtia) or complete absence of an ear (anotia).
  • Unusually shaped ears.
  • Ear deformity resulting from trauma, such as a sports injury. These are often called “cauliflower ears” and result from a buildup of blood, scar tissue, or cartilage.
  • Protruding or large ears for which cosmetic correction is desired.

A comprehensive evaluation gives us the information we need to determine your child’s needs. Our team of specialists may include pediatric plastic surgeons; ear, nose, and throat doctors (otolaryngologists); audiologists; and speech-language pathologists.

Treatment is tailored to the needs of your child and can range from simple ear molding to complex surgical reconstruction. In all cases, our goal is to put you and your child at ease, answer your questions, and make your child comfortable with his or her appearance and function. 

If Your Child Needs Surgery to Correct Ear Deformity

If your child requires a surgical correction, you can feel confident in our level of skill and experience.

  • Our pediatric plastic surgeons and otolaryngologists undergo advanced training and have years of experience repairing and reshaping all types of ear deformities.
  • Duke Children’s is one of only seven hospitals in the U.S. verified as a level I children's surgery center by the American College of Surgeons. This Level I designation recognizes our commitment to providing the safest and highest-quality surgical care to our young patients.
  • We understand the emotional impact an ear deformity can have on your family. Our family-friendly services include Child Life specialists who help relieve your child’s fears when facing a procedure, while in the hospital, and through recovery.
  • Our care coordinators and social workers can help you navigate the medical system and coordinate the health services your child needs. 

Treatment of Minor Ear Deformities

Treatment of Major Ear Deformities

More complex treatment is required for small, deformed ears (microtia) and missing ears (anotia).

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