Sinus Infections and Nasal Disorders

Duke otolaryngologists offer advanced care to children and adults with chronic sinusitis, nasal polyps or obstruction, sinus infections, hay fever, nasal allergies, deviated septum, turbinate enlargement, postnasal drip, nasal or sinus tumors, sarcoidosis, problems with the sense of smell, and cystic fibrosis. Our specialists have the expertise and treatments to bring you rapid relief.

Comprehensive Care for Sinus Infections and Nasal Disorders

Whether the problem is chronic stuffiness, facial pain or pressure, difficulty breathing through your nose, runny nose, a nasal voice or a diminished sense of smell, we can help. We offer the latest medical advances to treat your sinus and nasal disorders, and return you to your active, healthy lifestyle.

Choose Duke for your sinus or nasal disorder treatment because we offer:

  • Advanced care. We offer the latest non-surgical therapies, as well as highly effective, minimally invasive office procedures to safely clear up clogged sinuses, heal chronic infection, and help you breathe easier. Several of the treatments we offer require advanced training and skill and are not widely available.
  • Latest technologies. We use drug-eluting sinus stents and implants to treat sinus and nasal disorders, in-office balloon dilation of the sinuses, stereotactic computer navigation for safe, precise and thorough sinus surgery, and novel medication delivery methods. We evaluate your needs and recommend the most effective treatment.
  • Experts with advanced training. Your care team includes rhinologists (doctors with specialty training in diseases of the nose and sinuses) and other otolaryngologists (ear, nose, and throat doctors) who work closely with allergists, pulmonologists (doctors specializing in lung diseases), speech and voice therapists and any other specialists across Duke Health that you may need.
  • Advanced medical records technology. Our secure online portal, Duke MyChart, allows you to view test results, make appointments, request prescription refills, and message your doctor using any Web-enabled device. Our technology also allows anyone on your care team to securely access your health information, making sure you always get care that's right for you and based on the latest evidence.



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