Hearing loss

Hearing specialists at Duke offer a range of options to diagnose and treat all degrees of hearing loss, from mild to severe. Our research has contributed to major advances in treatments to improve hearing, and result in superior care and outcomes for our patients.

Comprehensive care for hearing disorders and hearing loss

Our experts specialize in treating sensorineural hearing loss, including sudden hearing loss, and hearing loss from any cause, including aging (presbycusis), tinnitus, chronic ear infections, perforated eardrum, cholesteatoma, conductive hearing loss, otosclerosis, and Ménière's disease. We also treat acoustic neuroma and other tumors, head or ear injuries, and disorders that impair hearing.

Our specialists provide personalized care designed to improve your hearing, whether you have difficulty understanding conversations, poor hearing in noisy places, fullness or ringing in your ears, oversensitivity to certain sounds, or other symptoms of hearing loss. We use sophisticated testing to pinpoint the cause of your hearing loss, and choose from a wide variety of therapies to help you hear and communicate well.

Choose Duke to treat your hearing loss because we offer:

  • Hearing aid dispensaryOur audiologists evaluate and dispense sophisticated hearing aids and assistive listening devices, such as digital hearing aids and FM listening systems. We offer instruction and information about personal amplifiers, telephone amplifiers, tinnitus maskers, and alarm/warning devices.
  • Care for tinnitus. We provide expert tinnitus evaluation and treatment options. If your hearing loss includes tinnitus, you will undergo a thorough evaluation with one of our licensed audiologists. Our treatment recommendations will be based on your unique needs.
  • Team of specialists. Depending on your needs, your medical team may include otolaryngologists (ear-nose-throat doctors or ENT doctors), otologists/neurotologists (doctors specializing in diagnosis and treatment of complex ear disease and skull base tumors), audiologists and vestibular specialists.
  • Access to clinical trials. If you have severe hearing loss, you may be eligible to participate in our clinical trials of hearing aids and a hybrid cochlear implant-hearing aid, which may give you access to therapies before they are widely available.
  • Evaluation and treatment for central auditory processing disorder. If your child (six years of age or older) is unable to understand and/or process speech or shows signs of CAPD, our audiologists and speech pathologists conduct a thorough interview, evaluation and assessment to determine your child's strengths and weaknesses at home and at school.  We will explain the results, make recommendations, and work with you to ensure your child gets the help he or she needs.



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