Duke University Hospital


Specialties at Duke University Hospital

Duke’s ENT experts (otolaryngologists) provide comprehensive care for the full spectrum of ear, nose and throat disorders, and are involved in all surgeries that include the head and neck.
Duke’s endocrinology experts have extensive surgical experience, work with the newest therapies, and develop effective treatment alternatives for diabetes patients as well as people with other endocrine disorders who don’t respond to traditional treatments.
As one of the top eye centers in the country, the Duke Eye Center treats more than 165,000 people each year, and offers the full spectrum of eye care.
Duke's gastroenterology and digestive health team specializes in expert diagnosis and patient-focused solutions for diseases of the digestive system.
Duke's geriatric medicine specialists work with older people who have a broad range of health and wellness concerns related to the aging process.
Duke’s nationally ranked kidney disease program offers the latest treatments for adults and children with chronic kidney disease and kidney disorders.
Duke is home to one of the country’s leading neurology programs, with an expert team of specialists who offer the latest neurological care, including tests, treatments, and breakthrough research.
Duke neurosurgeons combine their surgical expertise with the latest surgical advances and technological innovations to treat a wide range of brain and nerve system conditions including brain tumors, skull base tumors such as acoustic neuromas, spine and musculoskeletal conditions, movement disorders, chronic pain and more.
We provide comprehensive care for all stages of your life, from puberty and childbirth through menopause and beyond.
Duke’s nationally ranked pulmonary program is recognized in the U.S. and around the world for novel and effective approaches to treating and managing lung disease.
Duke rheumatology ranks among the nation's best for the evaluation and treatment of inflammatory and immune diseases.
Duke’s nationally ranked urology program is nationally recognized for novel and effective approaches to treating and managing urologic oncology, urogynecology, male infertility, sexual dysfunction, kidney stones, and urologic disorders.