Duke Health Strives to Improve Black Maternal Health

Maternal health is important for everyone. But Black people experience more life-threatening problems during pregnancy. They are three times more likely to die during childbirth than white people. Many of those deaths are due to racism, stereotyping, and discrimination. Access to care for pregnancy and chronic conditions is also to blame. Many of these deaths are preventable. Duke Health is working to overcome these issues. Together, we can make a difference in the maternal health of Black people.

Duke Health Advances Black Maternal Patient Care

These Duke Health programs help people get the care they need.

Preterm Labor and Preterm Birth Prevention
Personalized counseling is available before pregnancy for women at high risk for preterm birth. Comprehensive prenatal care is available during pregnancy to reduce the risk of preterm labor and birth. We aim to improve your chances of carrying your baby to full term so they can get a healthy start in life.

Centering Pregnancy
Small-group prenatal care has proven beneficial for people in low-income families, people who speak little or no English, and Black women who have a higher rate of preterm pregnancy.

High-Risk Pregnancy Care
Skilled, board-certified obstetricians-gynecologists care for mom and baby before and during high-risk pregnancies and deliveries.

Duke Pregnancy Heart Center
Trained cardiologists, high-risk pregnancy specialists, and anesthesiologists provide the highest level of heart care before, during, and after birth. They manage your condition and lower your and your baby’s risks for serious problems. 

Duke Health Trains Current and Future Health Care Providers

We train providers to recognize and fight against systemic racism and unconscious bias. They also learn to better understand and support patients’ needs. Learn more.

Duke Health Leads Research to Find Solutions

We study how to better understand the causes of maternal illness and mortality and find solutions. Learn more.

Duke Health Serves the Community

We partner with community experts to reduce Black maternal death. Learn more.

This page was medically reviewed on 02/26/2024