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Updated: Aug. 3, 2021

Learn about new features and functionality available in Duke MyChart.

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New App Combines MyChart, Health Resources


Duke Health has launched a new app for mobile devices that integrates Duke MyChart into a collection of other health information and offerings. My Duke Health App is available on the Google Play or the Apple App Store. Learn more about its features.

Duke MyChart Gets an Upgrade

Starting April 11, Duke MyChart will have a newer, more user-friendly appearance and provide a more consistent experience, whether you access the patient portal on your computer, mobile device, or through the mobile app.

Our updated, redesigned home page features improved navigation that makes it easier for you to find all of your information. You'll also have immediate access to notes from your providers and test results. 

Here's more information about what you'll find in the new Duke MyChart look and experience:
Improved Navigation and Search
We're making it easier for you to get around Duke MyChart and to find your favorite or most useful parts of the portal. We've created a simplified and customizable top menu bar that allows you to select your own shortcuts. In addition, Duke MyChart now features a fully searchable menu that will look and work the same on the website and in the mobile app.
More Personalization
The updated Duke MyChart allows you to customize and personalize your experience. You can personalize the top menu bar to display links to your most-used features. You can also control your health maintenance reminders, and adjust the list of providers who appear in your health team.

Notes and Results
Almost all of your Duke Health hospital and clinic notes, lab, and other test results, including imaging will appear in your Duke MyChart account as soon as they are available.
Health information
Healthwise educational content will be displayed in the context of your own health records and experience. Educational and helper videos are now available within MyChart.

'Pay as Guest' Feature Now Available


Duke now offers the ability for a loved one or caregiver to help you pay bills in Duke MyChart without an account. Our new guest pay feature allows another person to make a safe and secure payment on behalf of a patient.

Paperless Billing


On November 17, Duke Health converted all Duke MyChart patient accounts to paperless billing. While making it easy to manage your account 24/7, the move also helps us work toward sustainability goals by reducing our use of paper and lowering our carbon footprint.

If you prefer to receive statements in the mail, you can opt out of the new system. You'll need to wait until this date to change your preference so the system saves it as it shifts over to the paperless option. If you want to receive bills in the mail after Nov. 17, click the “Manage Paperless Billing” in the billing section of your MyChart account to change your preference to paper statements.

A step-by-step visual guide is available in the above video.

Check In Online Ahead of Your Next Visit


You can now use Duke MyChart’s new eCheck-in feature to save you time and minimize interactions with others during COVID-19. You can check into your appointment at Duke Health clinics and telehealth appointments up to five days before your visit.

Watch the above video for a step-by-step guide of how to use the new process.

Additional Protection for Your Information


Protecting your personal health information is important to Duke, which is why we'll soon offer you a two-step verification option when logging into MyChart. Available Aug. 16, this new feature will provide extra security by using a second verification of your identity and making sure the device you're using belongs to you.

Safely Send Your Health Info to Family, Doctors

Sharing your health information securely is now easier with a new, centralized hub in Duke MyChart. It’s an expansion of the “Share Everywhere” feature that's already available in MyChart and can be accessed through the “Health” dropdown menu by selecting “Share My Record.”

New share functions include:

  • Friends and family access: You can give a family member or other person access to your MyChart profile to view test results, visit summaries, and more. To gain access, the person you designate must have an active MyChart account or sign up for one. They will also need to verify your birth date when prompted in MyChart.
  • Download or send your record: You can download or send visit summaries for a specific visit or range of dates, or your entire MyChart record.

You can still use previous functions, including:

Connect with Hospitals and Doctors Outside Duke

  • One-time access via Share Everywhere: On-screen instructions will guide you on how to invite an outside provider to view your information using a one-time code that is accessible for one hour.
  • Connect your accounts: You can link your accounts from across all hospitals and clinics where you’ve created different MyChart accounts. To merge them, profiles must have matching names, addresses, and birth dates.

View Device Connections

  • Review which devices or apps can see your information: Review and edit any mobile devices that have access to your MyChart account through web access or an app.

See Your X-Rays, Scans in MyChart

Digital versions of images taken at Duke Health locations can now be viewed in Duke MyChart. X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, mammograms, and other images will be available along with the written reports you’re used to viewing in our secure, online platform.

You’ll receive an email notification when the results are added to your account, typically one business day after the report is finalized with your doctor. Links to the images will appear in your visit report in MyChart. You can access them by going to the Test Results section.

This new service, which started Aug. 20, is one more way we are working to ensure continuity of care before, during, and between visits with your doctor. (Note: Images taken before Aug. 20, 2019, will not be available in MyChart.)

Now Available: Add Yourself to a Waitlist

Along with scheduling an appointment through Duke MyChart, you're now able to use the online platform to place yourself on a waitlist for follow-up or return visits, so you'll be notified in the event your provider can see you sooner.

Previously, you had to coordinate with a clinic in-person or over the phone to be added to a waitlist, but you can now do it yourself, if you're seeing a participating provider. It's an easy step that only requires you to check a box at the end of the normal MyChart scheduling process.

Follow the familiar steps to select an appointment date and time:

  • Hover over "Appts & Visits" and click "Schedule an Appointment."
  • Follow the instructions to select a provider and choose the "Follow-Up or Return Visit" box.
  • Choose your appointment date and time and confirm personal information.

Before you select the "Schedule" button at the very end of your appointment booking, you'll see a new section labeled "Before scheduling ..." Select the checkbox for "Join the waitlist and be notified if earlier appointments open up." You'll receive a MyChart message if there's an opportunity to see your provider sooner.

Get Your Flu Vaccination to Stay Protected

With flu season now underway, it’s time for your annual flu vaccine.You’ll see a reminder in Duke MyChart if you’re due. The sooner you get the vaccine, the better, as it typically takes up to two weeks for your body to develop an immune response to each year's strain of influenza. The Centers for Disease Control recommends you get your vaccination by the end of October. Injectable and nasal versions are available at Duke.

You can learn more about how to prevent seasonal flu and why it’s important to get a flu vaccination on the Duke Health blog.

Duke Health Digital Care

Duke Health Digital Care is a new online resource available on your computer or mobile device through Duke MyChart. It gives you access to personalized care plans, educational materials, and interactive tools so you can manage your health before, during, and between visits with your doctors. It's one of the many tools Duke offers now -- and plans to expand in the future -- to help you stay connected with your health care needs.

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