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Updated: December 13, 2022


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Learn about new Duke MyChart features and functionality.

Coming Soon: A New Way to Save Your Spot at Urgent Care


In early January 2023, we will implement a new way for you to view wait times and save your spot at a Duke Urgent Care clinic. Our new On My Way tool lets you view estimated wait times, indicate when you'll arrive, and save your spot in line. This new tool makes the process more efficient. As always, if you need life-saving care, call 911 or visit the nearest emergency room. Have questions? Find answers by reading our FAQ.

image shows map and estimated wait times for urgent care locations

Video Visit Appointments Available to Current Duke Patients in VA and SC


If you are an established Duke patient living in Virginia or South Carolina, you can now make video visit appointments with Duke specialty providers to continue care for an ongoing condition. This new option is possible thanks to guidelines in those states which allow health care professionals who are board-certified to provide ongoing care to established patients of a practice without a VA or SC medical license. To schedule a virtual visit, you must have been seen for an in-person visit by your provider in the past 12 months. Learn more about telehealth visits.

Schedule an Appointment to Quit Smoking


You can now schedule an appointment with Quit at Duke through Duke MyChart. Simply log into your MyChart account, select Visits, then Schedule an Appointment. Then choose Tobacco Cessation, as indicated below. The Quit at Duke program is designed to help you stop or reduce your tobacco use. It is run by specially trained medical providers and has helped many people successfully quit smoking. Learn more.

image from Duke My Chart showing how to make appointment for smoking cessation

Easy-to-Read Imaging Reports Are Just a Click Away


Understanding your MRI, X-ray, ultrasound, or other imaging test results in Duke MyChart is easier than ever. A new, interactive format translates complicated medical terms into plain language, so you are better prepared to discuss your health and treatment options with your doctor. Here’s how it works.

  • In Duke MyChart, open an imaging report from the Test Results page.
  • Click the VIEW PATIENT-FRIENDLY REPORT link at the top of the screen. The interactive patient-friendly report will open in a new tab. 
  • Click underlined words and phrases to view definitions, explanations, images, and more.
Illustration shows how to read imaging results from Duke yChart on phone


It's Easier for You to Schedule Your Primary Care Visit


Next time you visit Duke MyChart to schedule a primary care visit for you or your child, you’ll find all your options in one convenient place. Simply click on Schedule an Appointment from your home screen, then select either your primary care provider or Primary Care visit. Answer the questions, which will guide you to make a same-day or urgent visit, well-child checkup, annual physical, or routine follow-up appointment. We hope this makes the process of scheduling your visit simpler and faster for you.

Download the Latest Version of My Duke Health


Want to make sure you don’t miss out on all the upgrades in Duke Health’s app? Access the latest version of My Duke Health in the Google Play or Apple App Store to stay up-to-date with our offerings. Use the app to access Duke MyChart and more:

  • Urgent care wait times and virtual visit options
  • Duke’s Health Education Library
  • Calendar listings for wellness classes

By updating the app regularly, you’ll be among the first to use future functions like a virtual assistant, personalized resource pages, and more.

Download Duke Health Anywhere on the Apple App Store Download Duke Health Anywhere on the Google Play store
Apple QR code for My Duke Health Google QR code for My Duke Health

Expanded Online Scheduling


You can do a lot with My Duke Health and Duke MyChart, including scheduling many appointments from your phone or computer. Our online platform is increasing what’s available to book in advance so you can more easily find a time that works for you. You can now schedule office visits for primary care appointments, a follow-up for evaluation and management of infections, and return visits with a gynecology provider.

Log into Duke MyChart to find available times to meet with a provider.

Use MyChart to Schedule Your Next Gynecology Appointment 


Return gynecology appointments can now be scheduled through Duke MyChart.

People who have seen their gynecology provider within the last three years can schedule these follow-up visits on Duke MyChart:

  • Annual gynecology exams, which include a gynecological physical, and annual screenings like a breast exam, Pap test, and HPV test to screen for cervical cancer.
  • Return gynecology visit for gynecological issues such as abnormal pelvic pain or bleeding, fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, urinary tract infections, and worrisome menopausal symptoms.

New Folders Streamline MyChart Messages


How you see messages in Duke MyChart is changing to make your communications faster and easier. You now have folders that save messages into four categories:

  • Conversations: Direct messages with medical providers
  • Bookmarked: Messages you can save for quick reference
  • Appointment: Replies to your requests for an appointment 
  • Automated messages: Appointment reminders, questionnaire notifications, and others 

When sending messages, a new system also allows you to specify if you want to ask a medical or customer service question, as well as a message category and topic. Watch a video tutorial that highlights these updates.

Secure Your Account with Email Verification


You can add an extra layer of security to your Duke MyChart account by using an email verification process to further secure your account information. Taking this step helps ensure only you can log into your account.
Here’s how you can set up email verification:

  • Log into Duke MyChart.
  • Click the menu tab.
  • Scroll to "Account Settings" and select "Personal Information".  
  • Click the green button marked “Verify” to send a code to your email.
  • From your email, find the six-digit code -- check your spam folder if you don’t see it.
  • Enter the code into the pop-up box in MyChart to complete the process.

Duke MyChart Is Available in English and Spanish


Users can switch between the options by selecting hyperlinks on the login screen or within Duke MyChart.

Changing Languages on the Login Screen
Click the link labeled “Ver en Español” in the top right corner of the screen above the username and password fields. Once selected, the translated text will appear.

Changing Languages after Login
To switch from English to Spanish after you’ve logged in, click the globe icon in the top right of the screen and select “Español.”If you’re using a mobile device that has already set language settings for Spanish, the MyChart app will now automatically adjust to Spanish.

COVID-19 Vaccine Status Available as QR Code


Duke Health patients can generate a QR code in Duke MyChart to share COVID-19 vaccination and testing information. The code can be scanned to show your legal name, birthdate, vaccination status, and most recent COVID-19 test results.

Access your QR code:

  • Log into Duke MyChart on your mobile device.
  • Select the menu icon.
  • Under the “My Record” section, click the “COVID-19” option. 
  • A button to generate a QR code appears on your screen.

You can export information from the QR code to another app, like a digital health wallet, and share your COVID-19-related information from that app. It can also be exported and downloaded as a PDF file.

Safely Send Your Health Info to Family, Doctors


Sharing your health information securely is now easier with a centralized hub in Duke MyChart. It’s an expansion of the “Share Everywhere” feature that's already available in MyChart and can be accessed through the “Sharing” dropdown menu by selecting “Share My Record.”

New share functions include:

  • Friends and family access: You can give a family member or other person access to your MyChart profile to view test results, visit summaries, and more. To gain access, the person you designate must have an active MyChart account or sign up for one. They will also need to verify your birth date when prompted in MyChart.
  • Download or send your record: You can download or send visit summaries for a specific visit or range of dates, or your entire MyChart record.

You can still use previous functions, including:

Connect with Hospitals and Doctors Outside Duke

  • One-time access via Share Everywhere: On-screen instructions will guide you on how to invite an outside provider to view your information using a one-time code that is accessible for one hour.
  • Connect your accounts: You can link your accounts from across all hospitals and clinics where you’ve created different MyChart accounts. To merge them, profiles must have matching names, addresses, and birth dates.

View Device Connections

  • Review which devices or apps can see your information: Review and edit any mobile devices that have access to your MyChart account through web access or an app.

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