Duke Apheresis Center

Duke Apheresis Center
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Duke Apheresis Center

Type: Duke University Hospital Outpatient Department

Duke’s therapeutic apheresis program uses advanced technology to treat a variety of medical conditions by separating blood into white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets, removing the components that cause disease, and returning healthy blood to the body.

Our outpatient clinic uses therapeutic apheresis to treat children and adults with:

Apheresis treatments include:

  • Therapeutic plasma exchange – filters plasma from the blood and replaces it with donor plasma or a protein called albumin
  • Leukapheresis – removes white blood cells (including leukemia cells) from the blood and returns the rest of the blood cells and plasma to the bloodstream
  • Plateletpheresis – removes platelets from the blood and returns the remaining blood to the bloodstream
  • Red Blood Cell Exchange – removes and replaces red blood cells

 Our outpatient clinic is supervised by hematologists with expertise in apheresis medicine. The Procedures are performed by highly-trained registered nurses.