How to Set Up Your Computer or Device for a Virtual Visit

If you are scheduled for a video visit, the videos on this page will help you be ready for your virtual visit when it's time for your appointment.

What to Do on the Day of Your Visit

Please review this information before your appointment so you will be prepared for the visit when it takes place. 

You'll Need a Zoom Account and a My Duke Health Account

You must have a Zoom account and a My Duke Health account (previously Duke MyChart) before starting your video visit. Use these instructions (in English or Spanish) to download Zoom onto a desktop computer or mobile device.

Guide for a Laptop or Desktop Computer

You’ll need Zoom to take part in your telehealth appointment. If you don’t have Zoom downloaded on your computer, download and install it ahead of your visit.


Si aún no ha descargado la última versión de Zoom, visite, y haga clic en el botón “Descargar” (Download si la página está en inglés). Siga las instrucciones en la pantalla para completar el proceso de instalación.

Call If You Need Us

If you need additional help, you can call Duke Health’s telehealth support staff at 919-684-1598 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday. We recommend calling two or three days before your visit. If you also call the day of your telehealth appointment, please call 30 minutes prior to the visit.

Guide for a Mobile Device

If you’re attending a telehealth appointment on a mobile device, you’ll need to download and install the My Duke Health app and the Zoom app before your video visit. If you already have the My Duke Health app installed on your device, you will need to update to the latest version to access the video visit function.