Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine

For Preteens, Teens, and Young Adults Ages 12 to 30

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Adolescence and young adulthood are critical times of growth and development. High-quality care and support during this time of life – typically 12 to 30 years of age – can foster positive outcomes while proactively addressing any physical and mental health concerns that may arise. Duke adolescent and young adult medicine experts provide both comprehensive care as well as specialty care to young people facing complex health challenges. We help teens and young adults address specific health issues and build essential life skills so they can become healthy, thriving, and independent adults.

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Video visits consultations and in-person visits are available at Duke Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine at Roxboro Street in Durham.

When to Seek Care from an Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine Specialist

Adolescent medicine specialists are trained to work with young people who are neither large children nor small adults. Our specialists address health problems that arise during this time of life and provide comprehensive whole-person care for young people with complex health needs. Whether addressing a specific problem or providing comprehensive care, our adolescent medicine specialists incorporate a broad view of your young person to ensure that all their needs are considered when we craft a treatment plan.

Are You Concerned About Your Teen or Young Adult?
If you are concerned that your teen or young adult is struggling with a physical or mental health problem, an adolescent medicine specialist can explore and address the oftentimes complex and sensitive issues that arise during this time of life. We are equipped to handle these issues and more:

  • Sexual and reproductive health issues
  • Behavioral health concerns
  • Body image, weight, and eating problems
  • Developmental difficulties
  • Transition to adulthood with chronic illness

Our personalized approach prioritizes your young person's comfort while actively partnering with you and other caring adults to ensure your teen or young adult achieves positive outcomes.

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Adolescent and Young Adult Primary Care and Specialty Care

Adolescent medicine is a specialized form of primary care designed for young people with complex needs, such as chronic illnesses or other complicated health problems. It is also a type of specialty care designed to address specific health issues, such as:

  • Menstrual concerns
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Substance use
  • Sexual health challenges
  • Neurodevelopmental disabilities
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What to Expect at a Visit with an Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine Specialist

A consultation with an adolescent medicine specialist will include a discussion with everyone in the room, as well as a private conversation between the provider and the young person. Our goal is to understand the young person’s concerns. We want to help them feel comfortable with their health experiences and to support their decision-making around treatment options. While the young person’s perspectives and priorities are preeminent, we work closely with you and other caring adults to ensure all relevant perspectives are considered and that their care is coordinated. If needed, the treatment plan will include collaboration with specialists across Duke Health.

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