Gender Care for Children and Adolescents

Gender Dysphoria, Transgender, Genderfluid, Exploring Gender Identity

When a child’s sense of who they are doesn’t match their physical sex characteristics, they need care and support from a team that understands gender dysphoria and what they’re going through and has the experience to help. Duke Children’s Child and Adolescent Gender Care team offers a full range of services for children and teens under age 18. Together with other Duke Health specialists and community providers, we focus on your child’s physical and emotional health and help them prepare for the life they envision.

A Holistic Approach for Children and Teens with Gender Dysphoria

Duke Children’s experts specialize in helping children and adolescents who are exploring their gender identity.

  • Your child’s care team will include a pediatric endocrinologist, pediatric urologist, adolescent medicine specialist, pediatric psychologist, and social worker. We work with specialists in gynecology, fertility, and family and community medicine to provide holistic, individualized care that considers all aspects of your child’s life.
  • Our endocrinology team members have completed specialized training to be certified by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). In addition, our pediatric urology and endocrinology programs are nationally ranked by U.S. News & World Report.
  • Our psychologists, social workers, spiritual care providers, and child life specialists offer your child and your family compassionate support, including referrals to local transgender teen support groups.
  • We coordinate with specialists at Duke and in the community to address all aspects of gender transition, including voice specialists for vocal instruction, gender coaches to teach social nuances, and aestheticians to maintain a new look.
  • If you need assistance with legal issues or a birth certificate or passport change, we work closely with Duke Law School to help you. 

Child and Adolescent Gender Care Process

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