Duke Caregiver Community Event

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Are you a caregiver for a loved one? Access the Duke Caregiver Community Event through May 2022. You'll hear from experts and connect with services and support systems. Find answers and resources that can help you navigate this journey.

Access the Duke Caregiver Community Event

Registration is free at any time and required to access event materials, which are available until May 2022.

Connect with Experts, Learn New Skills

The free, one-day event was held on a virtual platform. The information is available in English and Spanish. Presenters covered these topics and more:

  • Dementia research and behavior strategies
  • Navigating conversations with family and loved ones 
  • Hospitalization and the role of a caregiver 
  • Understanding advanced directives/living wills
  • Overcoming compassion fatigue
  • Resources that will save you time and money
  • Assisted animal therapy 

Educational materials and resources will be available through May 2022. You must register for access.

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The Duke Caregiver Community Event was made possible by our sponsors and exhibitors.