Small bowel (intestinal) transplant

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Duke's small bowel transplant program is one of the few centers in the nation to care for adults and children with severe intestinal disease, including short bowel syndrome. Our physicians and surgeons test new techniques and therapies, and help to set national guidelines for intestinal transplants.

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Patients with severe intestinal disease choose our experienced small bowel transplant program because our 100 percent, one-year survival rate far exceeds the national average of only 65 to 70 percent. Our patients often experience severe intestinal disease caused by conditions including Crohn's disease, trauma, a tumor or short bowel syndrome. We are the only small bowel transplant program in the Carolinas, and one of fewer than 20 active programs in the U.S. In addition to our experience, patients come here for our personal touch. Everyone on your transplant team is dedicated to giving you the best care possible.

  • Experienced with complicated procedures. We offer isolated small bowel transplants and multi-organ transplants that include the small intestine, liver, pancreas and kidney.
  • Comprehensive care before and after transplant. We educate you and your family about your emotional and physical needs before and after transplant.
  • Alternatives to transplant. If you have severe intestinal disease, including short bowel syndrome, and are not a transplant candidate, we recommend surgical options that work for you.
  • Team of caring coordinators. Our transplant coordinators are advanced care nurses who help you navigate through the process and address your concerns. They can answer questions that you and your caregivers’ may have about the initial evaluation, the surgical procedure, financial concerns, physical and emotional needs, and dietary requirements.
  • Doctors advance the field. Our experienced doctors are dedicated researchers who are developing and testing new techniques and treatments to advance transplantation. Our surgeons and specialists are well known in the field, with many serving in leadership roles for national transplant organizations. Their expertise is helping to set national guidelines in abdominal transplantation.

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