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Duke's liver transplant program is one of the largest in the Southeast and is the best in North Carolina. We maintain outstanding survival rates for people who need a transplant due to end stage liver disease, liver cancer, acute liver failure and other related liver diseases. We help you return to better liver health as soon as possible.

North Carolina’s top liver transplant center

If you are experiencing end stage liver disease or liver failure, our team of liver transplant specialists can help restore your quality of life and improve your liver health. We work closely with specialists from Duke’s nationally ranked gastroenterology program to diagnose and manage care for people with liver diseases including cirrhosis, hepatitis and liver cancer in hopes of delaying or preventing the need for transplant. Our experienced team of surgeons and specialists constantly test new approaches to care, which are made available to eligible patients. Their expertise has helped establish best practices in liver transplantation and help to improve outcomes for liver transplant patients nationwide.

A closer look at Duke’s liver transplant program:

  • One healthy liver saves two lives. Duke is one of the few centers in the U.S. to offer split-liver transplants during which a healthy liver from a single deceased donor is divided between two patients with liver disease -- typically an adult and a child. This may save two lives rather than just one.
  • Comprehensive care before and after transplant. Our transplantation team educates you and your family about your emotional and physical needs before and after transplant. Our care guides outline what you can expect throughout the process, and what to expect after a liver transplant.
  • We transplant livers in combination with other organs. We have special expertise and achieve excellent results in multi-organ transplants, including liver-kidney, liver-lung-heart, and liver-small bowel-pancreas.

Living liver donor program expands your options

Our living donor program allows compatible family members and close friends to donate a portion of their healthy liver to adult and pediatric patients with end-stage liver disease, acute liver failure, or other serious liver disease. This option may decrease the time spent waiting for an organ to become available. Shorter wait times usually mean patients are likely to be healthier at the time of the transplant, which often results in a better liver health following the transplant.

The recipient’s new liver grows to normal size and is fully functional within two months. Our living donors undergo an extensive medical evaluation to determine if they are healthy and a suitable match for liver donation. This approach shortens wait times to transplant and improves outcomes. 

For more information about becoming a living liver donor, please call 800-249-5864.

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