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Duke’s kidney transplant program ranks among the best in North Carolina. Our transplant surgeons and specialists are nationally recognized leaders whose skill and expertise help adults and children with chronic kidney disease lead healthier lives.


North Carolina’s leading kidney transplant center

If you have end-stage kidney disease, our short referral-to-evaluation time means we often see you faster than most other centers. While you are on the transplant wait list, our team will work closely with specialists in Duke’s nationally ranked nephrology department to manage your care using the latest therapies available. We strive to perform your kidney transplant before you need dialysis so we can improve your outcome.

Kidney transplant at Duke: a closer look at our program

  • A strong living donor program. We offer recipients shorter waiting times and better outcomes compared to organs from deceased donors. In cases where a willing living donor is incompatible with an intended recipient -- due to factors such as blood type or body size -- we may be able to initiate a paired kidney exchange.
  • Comprehensive care before and after transplant. We educate you and your family about your emotional and physical needs before and after transplant. Our care guides outline what you can expect throughout the process, including how to prepare for your transplant and how to care for your body after your transplant.
  • Care for failing organs. If you’re waiting for a transplant -- or if transplant isn’t an option -- we provide complete medical management and an array of treatment options, including nocturnal dialysis and in-home peritoneal dialysis. We work closely with Duke’s dialysis clinics to manage care for patients with kidney disease, failing kidneys, type-1 diabetes and pancreas failure.
  • Multi-organ transplants for complex conditions. We perform kidney-pancreas transplants in patients with chronic conditions related to kidney disease, including obesity, HIV, heart disease and type-1 diabetes. We are also experienced in kidney-heart, kidney-lung and kidney-liver transplants. In rare cases, we offer pancreas-only transplants.
  • Active clinical trials program. You may have the opportunity to be among the first in the nation to test new therapies through our clinical trials.
  • Pediatric kidney transplant. Our Kidney Transplant Center is one of the nation’s most experienced pediatric kidney transplant programs, and specializes in congenital kidney disease. We care for children with life-threatening kidney disease.

Sharing life: Duke’s living kidney donor program

You may be able to receive a kidney from a loved one or friend whose organ is a compatible match. Or we may be able to match you with a person who wants to give one of their healthy kidneys to a patient in need. More than 30 percent of our kidney transplant patients receive their kidneys from living donors, who are carefully screened through extensive blood work and a complete medical evaluation. Kidney transplants from living donors tend to function longer and have fewer complication rates than organs from deceased donors. This approach shortens the wait time for transplant, and makes it more likely for us to perform your kidney transplant before you need dialysis.

If you are interested in becoming a living kidney donor, please contact us: 
Phone: 800-249-5864 or  919-613-7777

Living Kidney Donor Questionnaire

When a living donor’s kidney doesn’t match

The Duke Kidney Paired Donation Program helps incompatible or poorly matched donor-and-recipient pairs find a more suitable donor-and-recipient pair with whom they can exchange kidneys. This approach increases the pool of available organs and improves your chance to receive an organ that is a closer HLA (human leukocyte antigen) match, is a more appropriate size for you or comes from a younger donor. These are all factors that may reduce the chances of organ rejection.

Before your kidney transplant

After your kidney transplant

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