When to See a Specialist for High Blood Pressure

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You may have been told you need to see a specialist to treat your high blood pressure if:

  • You are taking three or more blood pressure medicines and your blood pressure is still high or uncontrolled.
  • You are having trouble tolerating high blood pressure medicine either because of allergies or side effects.
  • An underlying condition is suspected to be causing your high blood pressure.

Duke high blood pressure specialists include cardiologists, nephrologists, and endocrinologists who understand the complexities of hypertension. They are experts in treating people with resistant hypertension that hasn’t responded to aggressive treatment, as well as secondary hypertension that may be related to heart disease, kidney disease, a hormonal condition, or another medical concern. They are dedicated to finding the ideal medication or combination of medications to lower your blood pressure, and also to educate you to accurately monitor and track your levels.