Sports Vision Rehabilitation and Training

Sports Vision Rehabilitation and Training

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Athletes of all levels will benefit from the customized programs offered by the experts at the sports vision center located at Duke Eye Center in Durham. Our team includes specialists in sports vision, physical therapy, concussion rehabilitation, and neuroscience. We train your visual motor system to become as fast and accurate as it can be, to help you improve your on-field performance. 

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Custom-Designed Vision Training Programs

We assess skills and design training programs using state-of-the-art instruments to train and rehab athletes who perform visually demanding activities.

Improve Speed and Agility

Lights mounted on floors, walls, and adjustable poles are used to create customized drills. The athlete activates and deactivates lights using hands, feet, head, or sports equipment. Since the lights are wirelessly connected to a tablet computer, measurements of the athlete’s performance can be captured for immediate feedback and future analysis.

Optimize Brain and Muscle Connections

Small amounts of electrical current are delivered through a headset to stimulate the part of the brain responsible for muscle movement. Optimizing these connections between the brain and muscles can lead to quicker and more robust performance skill learning, and helps athletes improve their strength more effectively.

Enhance Eye-Hand Coordination, Decision-Making and Attention

We use a large touchscreen display and a hand-held tablet to improve visual-motor skills’ speed and accuracy. Training programs target the type of attention, eye-hand coordination, and decision-making athletes need for success and injury prevention.

Our Location
Sports Vision Rehabilitation and Training are offered at the Duke Eye Center in Durham. Learn more to plan for your appointment.

Increased Visual Skills

Process Visual Information More Efficiently

Athletic tasks are practiced while wearing eyewear that induces a strobe-like experience, which limits vision to brief snapshots. Known as stroboscopic visual training, it forces the wearer to process visual information more efficiently and train under harder-than-normal conditions, which results in improved perceptual abilities.

Visual Acuity, Reaction Speed, and Contrast Sensitivity Exercises

A perceptual-learning video game trains aspect of vision critical for sports performance. The training program progresses to greater levels of difficulty as users improve their sharpness of vision. 

Increase Visual and Cognitive Skills

Virtual reality simulation exercises mimic real sports activities so the athlete can run a play repeatedly with little-to-no risk of injury. The simulators can yield measurable information about performance under pressure. We use two types of sports-specific virtual reality simulators: One strengthens an athlete’s ability to co-process actions, thoughts, and sight; the other provides customizable sport-specific simulations, such as pitching and batting for baseball players. 

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