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If vision loss or impairment has affected your ability to perform life’s daily activities, there are many tools that can help improve your function. Our diverse team of vision rehabilitation specialists conducts a comprehensive evaluation to understand your concerns and assess your visual limitations. Then, based on your goals, we create a vision rehabilitation plan that incorporates a range of therapies, resources, assistive technologies, and devices. We also develop strategies to reduce the impact of visual challenges in your home and work environments. In addition, we recognize the importance of addressing the psychosocial impact of losing your vision and collaborate with professionals to help reduce your stress and anxiety. 

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Vision Rehabilitation Services

Comprehensive Visual Function Evaluation

Your assessment goes beyond a routine eye exam and includes an evaluation of your reading speed and accuracy, ability to see in low-contrast situations, potential to see better with corrective lenses or optical devices, visual motor skills, and more. Visual field testing is performed to identify issues related to driving and mobility. We offer a battery of tests to measure dynamic visual abilities related to driving, sports, and other visually demanding activities. We can also conduct onsite and home-based assessments, based on provider availability. 

Onsite Demonstration and Training

Depending on your needs, we can demonstrate and train you to use computers, tablets, and mobile devices; wearable and head-mounted displays; optical character readers; magnifiers for near work; video reading machines; special filters for glare and light sensitivity; non-optical devices and other assistive technologies for cooking and dining, writing, sewing, crafts, money management, color identification, and medication management. We also recommend and provide instruction on activity modifications and adaptations for home, work, school, and leisure activities.

Our Locations

Duke Health offers locations throughout the Triangle. Find one near you.

Comprehensive Care for Your Vision Rehabilitation Needs

You'll Work with a Team of Specialists
Based on your specific needs, you may also benefit from the services provided by eye doctors, occupational therapists, our certified driving rehabilitation specialist, certified vision rehabilitation therapists, licensed clinical social workers, and local certified driving instructors. Our team approach ensures a full assessment of your abilities and a robust plan to improve your overall visual performance.

Compassionate, Supportive Environment
You are not alone in your struggle with vision loss. We provide access to educational materials, support networks, financial funding sources, information on state and federal vision services programs, and many other resources for people living with vision loss. We help you get back to the activities you love by empowering you to make the most of your functional potential.

Insurance Concerns
Most third-party payers, including Medicare, cover our professional services. Assistive devices may or may not be covered, so be sure to check with your insurance carrier.

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