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Duke Health Center Arringdon


Duke Health Center Arringdon in Morrisville is home to a primary care clinic, several specialty care clinics, and an ambulatory surgery center. Click on the links below to see which providers and services are offered at these clinics. Call to schedule an appointment as early as today or tomorrow with one of our specialists.

5601 Arringdon Park Dr
Morrisville, NC 27560-5643

Clinics Within Duke Health Center Arringdon

  • Duke Ambulatory Surgery Center Arringdon  
    A range of outpatient operations and procedures, including but not limited to knee replacement surgery and cataract removal, are performed at our outpatient surgery center.  
  • Duke Cardiology Arringdon  
    Our experts treat people with heart disease and other heart conditions by recommending therapies and procedures to return you to better heart health.  
  • Duke Eye Center Arringdon   
    Duke ophthalmologists perform comprehensive annual exams, diagnose, and treat adults with common eye conditions.  
  • Duke Fertility Center   
    Our fertility specialists provide compassionate care and the full range of infertility treatment options to people coping with infertility and wanting to start a family.  
  • Duke Imaging Arringdon   
    This clinic performs screening and diagnostic imaging for a variety of conditions. Schedule a screening mammogram online or visit our imaging clinic for a diagnostic MRI or ultrasound.
  • Duke Interventional Radiology Arringdon  
    Our clinic provides interventional radiology procedures. We specialize in outpatient care for people who need feeding tubes, ports, central catheters, biopsies, and drains.  
  • Duke Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery Arringdon  
    Providers perform treatments for common gynecological needs, including procedures for endometriosis, pelvic pain, abnormal uterine bleeding, fibroids, and ovarian cysts.  
  • Duke Neurosurgery Arringdon   
    Receive general spine and neurology care for a range of conditions. Select injections and some minimally invasive surgeries are offered in our clinic. Specialized imaging equipment is available in the same facility.  
  • Duke Orthopaedics Arringdon   
    Duke orthopaedic specialists treat the full range of joint injury and conditions. Same-day and next-day appointments are available.  
  • Duke Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Arringdon   
    Duke physical and occupational therapists treat people with chronic pain, orthopaedic injuries, and physical limitations.  
  • Duke Plastic Surgery Arringdon  
    Our plastic surgery center is staffed by two board-certified providers who perform reconstructive and cosmetic procedures on the breasts and body.  
  • Duke Primary Care Arringdon   
    Internal medicine and general family medicine providers treat children and adults.  
  • Duke Sports Injury and Orthopaedic Urgent Care at Arringdon   
    Our orthopaedic doctors are available after hours and on weekends to treat sports injuries, sprains, strains, or bone fractures in children and adults. No appointment is needed, same-day service is available, and walk-ins are welcome.   
  • Duke Women’s Community and Population Health Arringdon   
    Our providers offer comprehensive contraceptive services, especially for patients with complex medical issues. All our patients receive guidance and counseling on their treatment options.  
  • Duke Women's Health Associates Arringdon   
    Receive the full spectrum of reproductive care, from adolescent gynecology and annual return visits to prenatal visits, visits for gynecologic conditions, and menopause treatment and counseling. Extended care hours available.

Preparing For Your Visit

For assistance navigating to this location, download directions to Duke Health Center Arringdon (PDF, 475 KB).

Accessibility Services

We provide equal access for all people and offer a range of free accessibility services to patients and visitors who need them.

Interpreter Services

Free interpreter services can be provided for patients who prefer to communicate in a language other than English.

Free Wi-Fi Available


5601 Arringdon Park Dr
Morrisville, NC 27560-5643


Free, convenient parking is available.

Public Transportation

Plan your trip to Duke Health Center Arringdon through GoDurham and GoTriangle. There is no bus stop within 0.5 miles. Visit GoDurham Access and GoTriangle Access to check if you meet the ADA eligibility for accessible transit programs.