Sports Performance Training

All Sports, All Ages, All Levels

Duke Sports Performance is an essential component of the Duke Sports Medicine program and is located at the Sports Science Institute. It offers three programs:

  • Duke Sports Performance - for competitive athletes
  • Duke Lifelong Athlete - for former athletes
  • Duke EverStrong - for all people

Picture yourself improving. 

We show you the quickest route to your potential. Depending on your needs, we focus on agility, speed, power, strength, stamina, flexibility, body composition and endurance.

Our Clients

Duke Sports Performance works with people across the full spectrum of sports, ages, and levels of play. We work with young athletes aspiring to earn college scholarships, collegiate and professional athletes who must play to their full potential, recreational athletes who want to improve, life-long athletes who want to stay in shape, and aging individuals who want to be strong and fit.  Our clients have included professional football, basketball and baseball players, as well as professional triathletes. We've helped a world champion racquetball player, All-American field hockey player, national champion swimmer, high school state champions in lacrosse, state high school soccer player of the year, and state champions in road cycling, track, and bowling. We've also worked with track and field athletes, and runners of all distances, including the fastest 11-year-old female miler in the country and ultra-marathoners. Our clients have also included military hand-to-hand combatants, alpine climbers, adventure racers, tennis players, volleyball players, rowers, kayakers, martial artists, cross-country skiers, golfers, bodybuilders, referees in football and soccer, and people fighting to keep fit despite aging.

Professional and elite athletes come to us from around the country. They may opt to stay at the conveniently located Washington Duke Inn, where the head chef works with our sports nutritionist to ensure our athletes benefit from optimal nutrition that suits their preferences and needs. Athletes have access to sports performance specialists as well as Duke Sports Medicine doctors and physical therapists.

Read how we worked with this elite swimmer as she prepared for the Olympic trials.

Sports Performance Staff

Sports Performance Services

Personal training sessions: optimized training sessions with a Duke fitness professional  (1-hour sessions)

Training plan consultation: personalized training planning with a Duke fitness professional

Body composition assessment (using 7-Site Skinfold Technique with online computerization), 30-minute session

  • Gain powerful motivation from your data
  • Receive counseling on how to set your targets
  • Learn your resting metabolic rate (RMR) estimate
  • Understand how much of your changes are fat versus muscle

Please contact Greg McElveen to schedule.

Lactate threshold and VO2Max with optimal training zones. 1:30 - 1:45 hour sessions. 

In addition to your optimal training zones, you will receive: 

  • Speed at lactate threshold for runners; power at lactate threshold for cyclists
  • Heart rate at lactate threshold
  • Speed at max for runners; power at max for cyclists
  • Heart rate at max
  • VO2Max
  • Oxygen pulse at max
  • Ratio of speed at lactate threshold to speed at max for runners versus power for cyclists
  • Ratio of VO2 at lactate threshold to VO2 at max versus power at lactate threshold to power at max
  • 15-page report including color graphics and thorough information

Please contact Greg McElveen to schedule.

Lactate threshold only (for athletes needing submax data and optimal training zones, not max data) 1:10 - 1:25-hour sessions.

In addition to your optimal training zones, you will get:

  • Speed at lactate threshold for runners; power at lactate threshold for cyclists
  • Heart rate at lactate threshold
  • Report including color graphics and thorough information

Please contact Greg McElveen to schedule.

VO2Max only (for people needing max data but not lactate threshold data) (1-hour sessions)

In addition to your optimal training zones, you will receive:

  • VO2Max
  • Heart rate at max
  • Speed at max for runners; power at max for cyclists
  • Oxygen pulse at max

Please contact Greg McElveen to schedule.

Field testing. Because of the vast variety of sports, positions and individual needs, this testing is custom-planned and priced.

  • Gain a new understanding of where you stand in terms of your interests - whether your focus is on power, acceleration, speed, agility, stamina or strength.
  • Learn how to close the gap between your current performance level and your potential.

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Contact Us

We are located at the Duke Sports Science Institute. For more information or to get started, email Greg McElveen, Director, Duke Sports Performance, or call 919-681-4184. 

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