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Duke Sports Performance offers performance testing and programs to help you maximize your athletic potential while reducing your risk of injury. We provide care in a modern environment for elite athletes, young and developing athletes, and people who want a more active lifestyle. All of our athletes have access to our weight rooms, athletic trainers, nutritionists, and medical team.

In addition to our Sports Performance program, our sports medicine providers use the latest advances to evaluate and treat injuries in professional, collegiate, and recreational athletes of all ages. This includes adults and children who want to improve or maintain their fitness.

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Speed and Agility

Our speed program is designed to make athletes faster, stronger, and more agile. We use laser timing systems to accurately measure your initial performance and conduct a comprehensive assessment, which includes identification of inefficiencies and opportunities for growth. Based on the results, we create a personalized training plan that includes speed-specific training to improve acceleration.

$60 per session

James R. Urbaniak Sports Sciences Institute

The James R. Urbaniak Sports Sciences Institute, located on the Center for Living campus, is home to a variety of health and wellness programs and clinics.

Running Medicine

Our team of experts specializes in performance improvement, rehabilitation, and injury prevention for runners. No matter your age or level of competition, we provide a full range of individualized treatment plans and services to keep you -- and your training -- on track.

  • Tier I - $300
    Full performance testing, including 2D running analysis, objective muscle testing, sports psychology screening, and nutritional assessment. Bloodwork available as needed. You will receive a detailed summary and analysis of your results and a full medical review.
  • Tier II - $250
    Performance testing, including 2D running analysis, objective muscle testing, and sports psychology screening. You will receive a detailed summary and analysis of your results and a full medical review.
  • Tier III - $150
    Performance testing, including 2D running analysis. You will receive a detailed summary and analysis of your results along with a review.

DXA body composition analysis can be added to any tier for $100.

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Strength and Conditioning

Strength and conditioning sessions can help you achieve peak performance. Our licensed athletic trainers, physical therapistsnutritionists, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and sports medicine providers understand the mental and physical impacts of your injuries as well as your ambitions. We are also available for the healthy athlete who is ready to incorporate strength and training techniques and progressive training to enhance performance and improve skills specific to your sport or activity.

Services include:

  • One-on-one performance evaluations
  • Strength and conditioning training
  • Training designed to improve speed, agility, quickness, power, and muscular endurance
  • Sports-specific training
  • Custom orthotics


  • 1 Session: $65. Sessions last approximately one hour.
  • 10 Sessions: $600. The package must be used within 12 weeks.
  • Performance Package: $300. This package includes full body dynamometry, strength assessment, sports-specific testing, sports nutrition assessment, and sports psychology screening.
A trainer spots an athlete as he lifts weights

Sports Skill Development

Competitive athletes of all ages can improve speed, strength, and conditioning skills though a structured sport-specific development program. Athletes are matched with an experienced coach to create a tailored program to help you become more competitive in your sport. These include:

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
  • Track
  • Volleyball

Skill training is available throughout the year -- including pre-season, in-season, or off-season. We target areas for opportunity and provide the following services to help you develop into a better player:

  • Speedwork
  • Mobility training
  • Reaction and agility training
  • Full-body strength work
  • Strength training for rotational power
  • Explosive lifting and movement training
  • Exercises to develop power from the legs, hips, and core
  • Injury prevention work

$60 per session

Team Testing

We offer performance testing services for teams (up to 15 athletes), including schools and sports clubs. With experience in precision testing at all levels, we can customize testing for your sport based on your team’s unique needs, ages, and skill levels. You will receive a clear, custom report identifying areas for improvement and comparisons to elite standards. This can help guide coaches, athletes, and their parents. Our team of experienced athletic development coaches can also work with your athletes on strategies to prevent injuries and maximize athletic potential.

  • Tier I - $2,500
    This tier of performance testing includes DXA body composition for up to 15 athletes, a detailed team report, a performance team review, and follow-up care.
  • Tier II - $2,000
    Performance testing for up to 15 athletes and includes a detailed team report and performance team review.
  • Tier III - $1,000
    Performance testing for up to 15 athletes and a detailed team report.

DXA body composition analysis can be added to any tier for $100.

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Official Team Doctors

Duke sports medicine specialists are the official team doctors for all Duke sports teams.

Other Services

DXA Body Composition Analysis - $100

Absorptiometry (DXA) technology is a simple seven-minute scan that offers a comprehensive, medical analysis of body fat, lean mass, and bone density. You will receive a detailed report to identify health risks. This allows you to more accurately track changes in body composition over time.

A provider sets up a scan while an athlete lies on a table for the scan


Sports Nutrition Assessments - $250

Our board-certified dietitian specializes in sports nutrition and works with you to achieve your goals, whether you are recovering from an injury, suffer from fatigue or low energy, or want to take your athletic performance to the next level. We offer services to help meet your goals, including:

  • Performance nutrition strategy sessions
  • Hydration and recovery planning
  • Nutrition counseling to address conditions including dehydration, muscle cramping, low bone density, fatigue, anemia, digestive issues, disordered eating, and more

Insurance may cover some services. For an additional charge, daily meals are prepared and delivered or are available for pickup.

VO2 Max Test - $150

The VO2 max test assesses maximum oxygen consumption and calculates heart rate training zones for endurance training. The results help us calculate your optimal training zone and design your individualized training program. This information can be used to measure progress toward your goals.

Omega-3 Index Test - $60

With just one drop of blood, we can measure the amount of EPA and DHA in your blood cells. Your results will come with recommendations on how to reach and maintain optimal omega-3 fatty acid levels for better health.

Sports Psychology Screening - $50

Sport psychology helps athletes identify strengths and weaknesses and develop skills for improvement in the playing field and beyond. Through focused work with our community partners, athletes will practice techniques to improve mental toughness, calm performance nerves, enhance communication, manage conflicts, relax, and more.

Sweat Test - $200

A sweat test is the only accurate way to determine an athlete’s sweat rate and sweat sodium concentration. You will receive a detailed report on how much sodium you lose in your sweat and a personalized hydration plan.

Sports Vision - $1,500 ($1,400 for maintenance services)

Duke Health has one of the top eye centers in the nation -- as recognized by U.S. News and World Report, and our athletes can benefit from our vision rehabilitation and training program to optimize visual performance. We can diagnose eye and vision issues associated with sports injuries such as concussions, identify vision impairments and ways to improve vision performance, and educate you about proper sports safety eyewear. Insurance may cover some of the cost of this service.

A man taps circles as the light up during a sports vision test
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