Golf Injury Treatment

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Whether you are a casual or competitive golfer, proper technique, flexibility, and strength are essential for recovering from injury and playing the game safely. Our team of board-certified physical therapists assess and treat your golf injury and analyze your swing, range of motion, and strength to identify problems. We then create a customized plan to help speed recovery from any existing injuries and to prevent issues in the future.

Our Location

We are located at the Duke Sports Sciences Institute on the Center for Living Campus.

Golf-Specific Care

The sport of golf involves repetitive and precise movements that can lead to a range of issues including back pain, shoulder injuries, knee problems, and more. Our providers have specialized training and experience evaluating and treating golf-specific injuries.

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Your Evaluation

You will meet with a physical therapist to discuss your health history, any injuries, and goals for treatment. They will perform a physical evaluation, which includes two components.

Motion Screen
You will perform movements specific to golf. For instance, you may be asked to touch your toes to demonstrate hip flexibility or rotate your spine to determine range of motion. Wear clothes that will allow you to comfortably complete the motion screen.

Swing Analysis
Your physical therapist will observe your swing to identify deficiencies that may lead to pain or injury. Bring a driver and a club used to hit the ball 150 yards.

Addressing your limitations is important for a successful recovery, injury prevention, and optimal performance.

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Your provider will recommend treatments to help you return to the game of golf or play the sport more safely. These may include exercises and stretches to perform at home, anti-inflammatory medications, and in-person physical therapy sessions. The goals of treatment are to strengthen the muscles needed to play golf, increase your flexibility, and improve your form to decrease the risk of injuries. We want you to return to daily activities and the sport pain-free.

Why Choose Duke

Specially Trained Staff

Our team of board-certified physical therapists are certified by the Titleist Performance Institute. This means they have specialized training in how golf injuries develop, how to treat these injuries, and how to address physical limitations to improve safety and performance. Through our research efforts, we seek to further advance the role of physical therapy in golf and become leaders in the field.

Access to Duke Specialists

As a Duke patient, you have access to the full range of providers including nutritionists, cardiologists, sports medicine doctors, and orthopaedic surgeons.

Community Connections

The evaluation and treatment of your golf-related injuries are covered by most insurance companies. If you want to take your golf game a step further, we can recommend golf professionals in the community who offer performance coaching.

Best Orthopaedic Hospital in North Carolina

Where you receive your care matters. Duke University Hospital is proud of our team and the exceptional care they provide. They are why our orthopaedics program is nationally ranked, and the highest-ranked program in North Carolina, according to U.S. News & World Report for 2023–2024.

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