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Duke offers specialized care for people who have limb difference, are recovering from upper or lower limb loss, or are considering an amputation. Whether you need physical therapy, help adjusting to an artificial limb (called a prosthesis), or psychosocial support, our team of specially trained doctors, nurses, physical therapists, certified prosthetists, and others help you achieve your highest level of function and improve your quality of life. 

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Personalized Care Throughout the Process 

Helping People with Limb Loss 
We care for people who have lost all or part of their upper or lower limbs or are considering an upper or lower limb amputation. If you require a foot amputation due to complications from diabetes, have limb loss from cancer, or have an amputation as a result of trauma, we are here to support you throughout your journey.  

Services We Offer 
Our team of specialists offers a full array of services. In many cases, we can meet you in the hospital before or after amputation surgery, or your can come to our clinic. No matter where you are in the process, we will address your concerns and answer your questions. We provide the information you need about amputation, prosthetic limbs, the rehabilitation process, and more. We can also connect you with our amputee peer advocates, who can share their experience of living with limb loss and answer your questions. 

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Learn about the care offered here so you can prepare for your appointments.


If you are considering or are scheduled for an amputation, learning more about the procedure, recovery, and support services early in the process can make a big difference in how you feel leading up to surgery and how quickly you recover.  

Considering Amputation  

If your medical condition is not improving -- for instance, a foot wound or infection is not responding to treatment -- you may be considering amputation. We can meet with you and your caregivers to discuss your options and the process. You can also connect with a peer amputee group or advocate to learn about the implications of living with limb loss. 

Care Before and After Surgery  

Before surgery, we will review your questions and discuss your path to recovery. After your amputation, your surgeon will provide specific instructions for your post-operative care. Four to six weeks later, you will come to our clinic to assess your needs for recovery. Once healing from surgery is complete, you can be evaluated for a prosthesis. 

Referrals to Specialists at Duke Health 

If you need specialized health care, we can connect you with the appropriate medical professionals at Duke Health. We routinely work with endocrinologists, infectious disease experts, pain management specialists, dietitians, psychologists, wound management providers, and vascular specialists to address your individual needs. We can also refer you for a wheelchair and seating evaluation or a driving evaluation to determine if and when you can return to driving. 

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Prosthetic Care

A Team of Experts 

You will meet with our prosthetic team, which includes a physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor, a physical therapist, and a prosthetist -- a provider specifically trained to work with prostheses. We evaluate your goals and create your individualized plan for achieving them. Your plan may include an exercise program, physical therapy, and meetings with support groups.  

Learning About Prosthetics 

We will teach you how to care for and manage your prosthesis to optimize function, maximize comfort, and protect your residual limb. We also offer therapy services and prosthetic evaluations and recommendations for replacement devices. 

Consistently Ranked Among the Nation’s Best Hospitals

Duke University Hospital is proud of our team and the exceptional care they provide. They are why we are once again recognized as the best hospital in North Carolina, and nationally ranked in 11 adult and 9 pediatric specialties by U.S. News & World Report for 2023–2024.

This page was medically reviewed on 09/12/2022