Chronic back pain treatment

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Duke Spine Center pain experts in Raleigh and Durham use the most advanced techniques and tools to treat people with chronic back and leg pain, failed back surgery syndrome and neuropathic pain that may not respond to other treatments. We work with you to ensure you don’t live with debilitating back pain.

Caring for chronic back pain

Most adults will experience some type of back pain in their lives, whether due to an injury or improper lifting, spine conditions such as degenerative disc disease and spine arthritis, or as part of the normal process of aging. But, it is not normal to have persistent, intense back pain that does not respond to medications and has no clear cause. Our doctors, and experts in neurosurgery and orthopaedic surgery at Duke Spine Center have the tools and techniques to alleviate your chronic back pain and improve your quality of life.

Our back pain experts use a variety of procedures and methods to manage severe back pain, including epidural steroid injections and targeted nerve blocks. If these options are not effective, we offer an advanced pain-relief procedure called spinal cord stimulation.

Choose Duke Spine Center to relieve your chronic back pain because we offer:

  • Commitment to pain relief. We understand how profoundly chronic pain can impact your life and relationships. Treating chronic back pain, as well as spine conditions that cause back pain, is our expertise. Our goal is to develop a treatment program that will relieve your pain promptly.
  • Advanced pain relief options. There are many medications, injections and nerve blocks available today that promise to relieve back pain. We offer the most effective, targeted therapies for your pain. If they don’t work, we may recommend spinal cord stimulation, an advanced procedure only available at comprehensive spine centers. Spinal cord stimulation offers precise and effective results for patients who qualify.
  • Team of experts. Your pain management team includes specialists in anesthesiology, neurology and neurosurgery who draw their expertise from different aspects of pain management.


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