Accent modification

Duke speech pathologists use accent modification techniques to help people reduce foreign or regional accents, and improve their communication skills. If your accent impacts your ability to communicate confidently and effectively, we can help. Effective communication skills can improve your self-confidence and open doors to career advancement opportunities.

Accent modification improves communication

You may benefit from accent modification if you find that people have a hard time understanding your speech if you repeat yourself frequently to be understood, and if you avoid social or business conversations because you have trouble communicating.

Our skilled speech pathologists are specifically trained in accent modification and focus on improving the sounds and rhythm of your speech. We target your speaking rate, voice projection, conversational speech, public speaking, accented sounds, idioms, contractions, and intonation.

The ability to be understood and to communicate is an invaluable skill at home, at work and in social situations. It is vital to participating fully in life, feeling valued, and meeting your goals. We help you improve your ability to communicate with others, and help you increase the quality of your life.

Choose Duke’s accent modification program because we offer:

  • Tailored treatment. We conduct an initial evaluation, create a program based on phonetic analysis of your speech, then tailor your program to your needs. You receive a comprehensive set of practice exercises, training manual, and a personalized list of practice words that are important for you to pronounce correctly.
  • Individualized and group programs. We offer weekly private sessions and small group classes comprising two to five students. The eight-week program is for people with all levels of foreign accents, native speakers with regional dialects, and people with accents who need specific speech improvement. The 13-week program is designed for people with accents that impact communication at work and a social setting.
  • Positive results. Accent modification therapy helps people achieve up to 50 percent improvement when one hour of practice is completed daily.
  • Post-therapy guidance. You will receive a self-study guide to help you continue to improve after completion of the accent modification program.

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Reviewed: 10/16/2018
Reviewed: 10/16/2018
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