Pediatric Kidney Transplant Team

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Preparing for and going through the kidney transplant process with your child can be overwhelming. It is normal to have concerns and questions about your child’s treatment and care. Your child’s pediatric transplant team is here to help. A variety of experts will assist you with scheduling appointments, preparing for surgery, follow-up care, medication management, and more.

Is Your Child Ready for an Evaluation?

If you want to make an appointment for a pediatric kidney transplant evaluation for your child, please contact us. Our team can help with next steps.

Transplant Coordinator

The transplant coordinator is a nurse who works closely with you throughout the transplant process. They will teach you everything you need to know about your child’s kidney transplant, help you understand what to expect before and after transplant, and answer your transplant-related questions.

Transplant Surgeon

The transplant surgeon will meet with your child and loved ones to talk about the kidney transplant operation. They will review your child’s surgical history, discuss the risks and benefits of kidney transplantation, and decide if any additional kidney and blood vessel imaging scans are necessary. After surgery, they will care for your child in the hospital.


The nephrologist is a doctor with special training in managing kidney disease and kidney transplants in children. Before transplant, they will review your child’s medical history and decide which lab tests or doctor appointments are needed. After transplant, they will provide ongoing care for your child.

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Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants

These health care professionals care for your child in the hospital and at follow-up appointments. They also assist the transplant surgeons and nephrologists.


Urologists -- doctors who specialize in bladder and kidney care and surgery -- are not involved in all kidney transplants. If needed, they help kidney transplant patients manage bladder and kidney conditions that can cause problems after transplant and lead to kidney failure.  

Transplant Infectious Disease Specialist

This doctor will help your child avoid infection by making sure they are infection-free and up to date on vaccinations before transplantation. If your child gets an infection after transplant, they will work to get rid of the infection.

Transplant Social Worker

The social worker will support your child and their family and caregivers through the entire transplant process. They will perform psychosocial assessments to make sure everyone gets the emotional and social support you may need. The social worker may also offer help with getting to and from appointments, finding community resources, and addressing financial concerns.

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Child Life Specialist 

This trained professional helps children and their loved ones handle challenging medical events. The transplant process can be scary for your child, but the child life specialist can help them cope through play, preparation, and learning activities. You may ask to see them at any clinic visit. They may help calm your child during potentially stressful procedures, such as blood work or IV placement.

Medical Psychologist

A medical psychologist may talk with your child and loved ones about the stress or anxiety that can come with the transplant process. They can help everyone adjust to life before, during, and after a kidney transplant.

Child Psychiatrist

A child psychiatrist may meet with your child to help them work through behavioral or emotional issues related to chronic kidney disease and transplant.

Transplant Dietitian

This nutritional expert will assess your child’s diet and nutritional status and recommend foods to improve overall health before and after surgery.

Transplant Pharmacist

They will teach you, your child, and other caregivers about transplant medications and possible side effects.

Financial Coordinator

The financial coordinator works with your insurance company before your child’s evaluation and surgery and helps you manage transplant-related health bills. They will also explain your child’s insurance coverage and costs for post-transplant medicines and clinic visits.

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