Teaming up to improve care

Teams that focus on quality and safety

Each hospital, home health agency, hospice, and physician group has a team that focuses on clinical quality and patient safety.

In many instances, a physician and nursing/administrative leader is in charge of this team. The team conducts patient safety rounds while leaders interview staff and physicians about their views on clinical quality and patient safety.

Teams discuss patient safety issues as well and other care concerns during team meetings. The team sets priorities and develops plans to resolve these issues and concerns and reports their plans to the performance improvement infrastructure at their organization, which in turn reports to the organization's governing body.

Working with us to ensure your safety

Ensuring a safe health care experience for you and your loved ones requires that you partner with us.

We ask that you or your loved ones provide your care team with a complete list of prescription and over-the-counter drugs and nutritional supplements (such as vitamins) when they check into our hospitals and are being seen in our clinics.

We also ask our patients and their families discuss decisions about their care with our care teams. Completing an advance directive can help keep your care team informed about your wishes.