International Patient Services FAQ

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Duke Health meets the special needs and concerns of international patients. International Patient Services is dedicated to assisting you before, during, and after your stay in the United States. We ensure you have a positive experience at Duke. 

How can I schedule an appointment?
To schedule an appointment, please submit this self-referral form.

Does Duke Health treat my condition?
Please use the Duke Health Find a Doctor tool.
For use these links for list of conditions treated at Duke Health by patient age:

What specific services does Duke Health offer traveling patients?
International Patient Services provides assistance with the following:

  • Processing and reviewing referral requests
  • Scheduling initial appointments
  • Provide supporting documents for visa applications
  • Assist with lodging and airport transportation arrangements
  • Connect patients and families with available community resources to meet cultural and religious needs.
  • Provide language services for Limited-English-Proficient patients
  • Coordinate follow-up care if additional services are required.
  • Upon conclusion of treatment, Duke International Patient Services provides logistical support to ensure continuum of care.

Do I need a referral from a physician?
A referral from a physician is not required for international patients. However, if you are being referred by a physician, it is helpful to include the referral note and all supporting documents as part of the medical records submitted for review.

Will my Duke Health doctors communicate with the doctors in my own country?
Duke Health providers will happily communicate with the doctors in your own country to ensure a continuum of care when necessary. Additionally, Duke International Patient Services will provide you with a copy of your medical records –if requested— upon conclusion of your treatment episode.

How should I send my medical documents?
You will receive additional instructions on how to submit your medical records after you submit the self-referral form

Can I send medical documents written in other languages? 
All medical documents must be submitted in English. 

What kind of documents should I bring to my appointment?
You are only required to bring a form of identification to your appointment. However, in some particular cases, the provider may ask you to bring specific medical records to the appointment.

How long do patients typically stay at Duke Health?
Length of stay varies from one case to another depending on the complexity of the treatment plan.

Can I be treated by a male/female doctor? 
While we do our best to honor your special requests, in some circumstances, we may not have available providers that meet your gender preference.

Does Duke Health assist with booking my travel?
While we are unable to assist with booking your travel, our staff members will provide assistance with local lodging and transportation arrangements.

Where is Duke Health and how do I get there?
Duke Health provides services in multiple locations across the state of North Carolina. International Patient Services will provide you with directions to the location(s) of your appointment(s) once scheduled.

Where can I stay while receiving care at Duke Health?
International Patient Services maintains relationships with nearby hotels and residential businesses. A Duke Health representative will work with you to identify accommodations that best suit your needs.

If I need care from another specialist, can that be accommodated during the same visit?
International Patient Services will coordinate additional services if needed. However, a new agreement and financial clearance may be necessary for the added services.

Can Duke Health give me an estimate for my treatment?
If your referral is accepted by a Duke Health Provider, you will receive a letter of agreement outlining planned services and the anticipated cost.

Which services must be paid up front?
The full estimate for anticipated services will need to be paid up-front. 

How do I get a copy of my schedule?
International Patient Services will provide all the necessary details once your appointment(s) are scheduled.

Will I have an assigned interpreter for my entire stay?
International Patient Services is committed to providing language assistance to all Limited English Proficient patients through interpreters (in-person, over the phone, or video) at no cost to the patient. 

Is there a mosque or chapel in the hospital or nearby?
Duke Health has a multi-faith chapel located on the first floor of Duke Medicine Pavilion. International Patient Services staff will also provide you with additional information on places of worship in the community.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?
Duke International Patient Services staff will gladly answer any additional questions you may have. We can be reached at:
Tel: 919-684-5197 Mon-Fri, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Fax: 919-660-0146

Does Duke Health offer remote second opinion?
Currently, Duke Health does not offer remote second opinion for international patients.

Does Duke Health offer financial assistance for international patients?
International patients are not eligible for financial assistance or charity care.

What methods of payment do you accept?
International patients use wire transfer as the form of pre-payment for services.  

Does Duke Health accept international insurance?
Duke Health will accept international insurance that is in-network with covered benefits.

Does Duke Health provide financial and billing services?
We provide an estimate of the plan of care from the provider in the form of a Letter of Agreement.  When the estimate is paid in full and all charges have been processed, a 30% International patient discount will be applied. PRMO Billing and Collections provides this service and can offer itemized statements.