Local Man Makes the Right Move to Concierge Medicine at Duke Signature Care

By Larissa Biggers
August 28, 2023
Steve Harlin rides his bike across a wooden bridge on a forested trail.

Steve Harlin enjoys maintaining his health by riding his bike on the trails near his Chapel Hill, NC home.

Steve Harlin and his wife relocated to Chapel Hill, NC in the spring of 2022 in part to be close to world-class health care. As a retired surgeon, Harlin was looking not just for top-rate providers and facilities, but also a personalized experience. He found what he was seeking at Duke Signature Care, a concierge medicine service that allows him to develop a closer relationship with his primary care doctor, Marion McCrary, MD. “I would score my encounters with Signature Care as absolutely A plus,” he said.

More Time For Her Patients

Duke Signature Care patients pay an annual fee as well as typical insurance co-pays and deductibles. In return, they have access to a range of services including same- and next-day appointments and around-the-clock access to providers. Dr. McCrary made the switch from working in a private practice to Duke Signature Care in January 2021. A big factor in her decision was having more time to spend with her patients. “That was really my pull, having the time to really get to know them better and to be more available,” she explained. For instance, Dr. McCrary often calls sick patients to check on them, something that was not always possible before she started at Duke. 

A Range of People, Health Goals

Like many of Dr. McCrary’s patients, Harlin, age 72, comes to Duke Signature Care for preventive health services and when he has more pressing health concerns. But there is no one typical patient. Dr. McCrary and her colleagues care for people from age 18 to 95, some with complex health needs. “I also see middle-aged individuals who are busy with their careers and need to be at the top of their game but don’t have a lot of time.” She said that many people come to Duke Signature Care not because they are displeased with their current doctor, but because they want more time to discuss their health concerns. Harlin agrees. “At my last appointment, Dr. McCrary spent over an hour with me. That made me feel she was interested in listening and that my needs as a patient were important."

Communication and Flexibility

Not only are Duke Signature Care patients demographically diverse, they also have various communication styles. Harlin appreciates that he can quickly and securely contact Dr. McCrary via Duke MyChart, but for pressing issues, he can reach her by phone, even after hours. “For something urgent, you have my number,” she said.

A Team Approach to Care

Doctors are just one component of Duke Signature Care, explained Dr. McCrary. “All of our providers and staff are amazing people. That’s a really special part of this relationship -- you get a consistent team that puts the patient at the center of everything.” 

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