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There are many types, causes, and treatments for back pain. Here, Duke spine experts talk about common causes and effective treatments.

How Can a Physiatrist Help My Back Pain?

Back pain can come about for lots of reasons, but relief can start with the help of a physiatrist -- a doctor who focuses on improving your body's function and reducing pain. Whether you're experiencing chronic pain, a sports injury, or need help rehabbing from something like a stroke, a physiatrist can help by finding the cause of your pain or limitation and treating it holistically. Duke Health physiatrist Carolyn Keeler explains how she helps patients with immediate needs and sets them up to avoid future injuries.

Spine Injections Offer Relief Without Surgery, Duke Spine Expert Explains How

If back pain is making it difficult to accomplish daily tasks, spine injections are a low-risk treatment option that provide quick relief without surgery. Here, Duke’s Michael Guo, MD, a physiatrist who specializes in treating spine-related problems with injections, explains common types of injections and the kinds of back and neck pain they treat.