Ankle Replacement Surgery

Relieves your ankle pain, restores movement, function

Ankle replacement surgery relieves ankle pain and restores some normal movement and function when persistent ankle arthritis or a badly damaged ankle joint makes daily activities unbearable. You may benefit from ankle replacement surgery even if you have had ankle fusion to eliminate your ankle pain. Duke’s ankle surgeons in Raleigh and Durham perform more ankle replacements than most centers in the U.S. We want you to enjoy lasting relief from your ankle pain, as well as better mobility.

Do you need total ankle replacement surgery?

If you suffer from painful ankle arthritis, and nonsurgical treatments have been ineffective, ankle replacement surgery – also known as ankle arthroplasty -- may be your best option for returning to an active lifestyle.  It is a newer option than ankle fusion, relieves pain, but limits your ankle’s range of motion. Your foot and ankle surgeon will evaluate the extent and severity of your ankle arthritis, as well as several others factors – your age, health and activity level -- to determine if you are a candidate.

During the procedure, your worn out ankle joint is replaced with a metal and plastic artificial joint that mimic’s your ankle’s natural movement. This ensures you walk with a more natural gait, and protects your surrounding joints from developing arthritis. As a result, you experience less pain and more range of motion.

The recovery period is typically three to six weeks in a cast followed by physical therapy. While the artificial ankle can wear out and may need to be replaced, research shows 90 percent are still functioning well 10 years after surgery.

Choosing an ankle surgeon for your ankle replacement surgery

Ankle replacement surgery is a complex, relatively new procedure that should be performed by an experienced surgeon who specializes in the procedure.

  • Duke’s foot and ankle surgeons routinely perform high volumes of ankle replacement surgeries, as well as revisions from ankle fusion to ankle replacement. Because of our extensive experience, we often recommend total ankle replacements to people who have been told that they are not candidates at other centers.
  • Duke has been involved in the testing and evaluation of all the ankle replacements on the market in the U.S.  We can pick the most appropriate one for your individual needs. This results in positive patient outcomes.
  • Our extensive patient database allows us to assess the performance of replacement joints over time. This means you will only get a device or undergo a surgery that has a solid record of success.

Ankle replacement surgery

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