Ankle replacement surgery

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Duke’s ankle surgeons are among the world’s most experienced. We perform more ankle replacement surgeries than anywhere else in the country, and our doctors are part of an orthopaedic program that is consistently ranked among the nation’s best.

National leader in ankle replacement

As a national pioneer in ankle replacement procedures, Duke has been involved in the testing and evaluation of all four ankle prostheses currently approved for use in the U.S. Our goal is to advance ankle replacement from an experimental technique to a viable option for severe ankle arthritis. 

Choose Duke Orthopaedics for your ankle replacement surgery because:

  • Experience and expertise counts. About 95 percent of our patients enjoy lasting relief from pain, as well as better mobility, which is why we attract patients from all over the country. Even if you have had ankle fusion to eliminate your ankle pain, you may be a candidate for ankle replacement surgery, which restores some of your normal movement and function.
  • Highly specialized team of surgeons. Our fellowship-trained orthopaedic surgeons have undergone additional years of specialized training in joint replacement. Our orthopaedic program is consistently ranked as one of the top in the country by U.S. News & World Report.
  • You benefit from our clinical trials and research. We are constantly working to develop new artificial ankle joints. Our extensive patient database allows us to assess the performance of replacement joints over time. As a result, you will only get a device or undergo a surgical technique that has a solid record of success.


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